I read blogs like others read newspapers. I am keeping myself informed about what is out there. Not cause I am a big blogger but because it helps me realise that nobody is perfect, that we all have our struggles and we all dread that day when our maternity leave is over.
I read happy stories and I read sad stories. I cry and I laugh till I get tears in my eyes. I started feeling quite close to other bloggers. We are not in touch but following them it feels like we know each other. I always keep an eye on their writing just to find out what happened lately, how some things develop, how the little one is developing or the pregnancy is going, what others thought about some events or others and what they think about movies or books I plan on watching/reading.
One of the events that caught my eye is #MamaMail project. I found it so interesting and helpful. Something with such a big meaning. So simple but in the same time so precious.
I signed up happily for it as I think that all new mums out there need more encouragement, they need some love from someone who has been there, they need support and they need to know that one day it will get better.


#MamaMail is a project that targets new mums from everywhere.

If you want to make someone happy and brighten their Christmas, sign up on the website. It is so simple. The people involved will match you with a mum and will send you her details. You will know what she likes and what she struggles with. There is no need to send God knows what expensive things. You can only send a little card, a handwritten letter or anything you might find helpful.
If I had any idea about #MamaMail when I became a mother I would have gotten involved. I can only imagine how a kind word would have made a massive difference in my life at that point. I struggled with depression not even knowing what it is at the beginning, I struggled with sleepless nights, uncertainty and sometimes loneliness. If someone would have send me a card to say: “Hang in there. It gets better.” I would have cried tears of joy knowing that there is hope.Β I had people judging my mummy qualities (I didn’t know what I was doing anyways), the way I raise my baby (don’t pick her up as she will always want you to do it, don’t give her a bath like that, why isn’t she wearing socks, why is she in a bouncy chair when she is so small, why is she falling asleep in your arms, who are you rocking her and many others), the way I feed her (I had to lie to my mum until I got the courage to admit that I am not breastfeeding anymore just because she was so judgmental about it). I had friends who literally forgot about my existence just because I became a mother and they just didn’t find me that interesting anymore.Β When things got a bit better I started this blog and I always thought about starting a project to help mums out there. I had many ideas but somehow I haven’t materialised any of them yet. Until one of them will be launched I would like to ask you kindly to get involved in #MamaMail.

It makes such a big difference in someone’s life.

I got matched with a new mummy who struggles with sleep so I wrote her a letter that I am not going to publish and I though about what would have made me happy when my baby was so attached to me that I couldn’t even pee when I had to. So I got her some little reindeer chocolates in the spirit of Christmas, a small bag with hot chocolate powder that has little chocolate stars inside and a bottle of bath soak with chamomile and jasmine scentΒ for a good sleep. I thought even if she doesn’t have the time for a good old hot bath now, one day she will and it will do her so much good.


I hope she will like them and I will bring a smile to her face. It will most definitely make me happy. Helping one new mum might not seem like a big thing but it actually is. Think how many people will help one new mum. Gather all of them and you will see the difference.Β I met my new midwife and we started talking about depression and struggles, specially for single mums. She is absolutely amazing and we clicked instantly. I told her about the #MamaMail project and she was thrilled. She promised me she will get mums involved so we can raise awareness out there as much as possible.

Being sleep deprived, suffering from PND, going crazy cause you can’t breastfeed your baby or you feel like you can’t cope is not a fashion.

It is a step forward we started talking about it but it’s not a contest. It is a serious matter and it should be treated as is.
Make a new mummy smile, bring hope in her heart and help her with her struggles. Click #MamaMail and sign up. Do ‘t forget that kindness is happiness.

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