I am an over active person and I literally can’t sit still. I need to have control over things and I need to know the outcome of all actions. I get stressed if I am found on an unknown path and won’t probably be able to think straight

Last week I got ill and it knocked me out. I am still not well enough to function at my full capacity and lacking energy kills me. I need my gym, my running, my routine and also, I need to be able to breath properly. It feels like I am trapped in a bubble and I can’t burst it so I can escape. It is so frustrating. I tried to get on with things but I really can’t. I have to admit defeat and just make an effort and try to rest.

There are so many things I need to do and instead I am writing a new page on my blog and honestly speaking, I don’t even know if anyone would bother reading it. My mind is all over the place. I need to call someone and let them know I won’t take the job they offered me and I dread doing it because on paper it all sounds like a dream; I need to do lots of research and fill in a risk assessment doc so it can be send over to the local Council and this way be able to start organizing the junior park run for children in our area (this feels like my baby for this year and I can’t wait to see it up and running). I need to just clean my house properly, do my hair, breath and gather my thoughts so I can get back into real life. Instead, I am here …. I felt this big empty space inside me since yesterday. It’s like a void or I don’t even know how to describe it … it just brings me so much anxiety and not sure where it’t coming from

Not running?

No energy?

Something missing from my life?

Not sure but it’s something

Right ….. need to figure out how to fill in those empty templates for the risk assessment and send it over

I’ll be back tomorrow

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