Last Saturday was a proper success. We ran in the Race for Life event, supporting Cancer Research and I have to say that it felt so emotional, so motivational and also beautiful

Me and Ruby ran in the 5k race along with some incredible people. My heart wept for every person who lost their battle with cancer but it grew with love for all those survivors as well

It was so incredible to take part in an event like this. Everyone had a reason to be there. Be it, running for someone they know, someone struggling or someone who’s not with us anymore. Some came to donate and cheer the runners from the side and nothing could actually compare to that feeling

I lost my grandfather to cancer and the fact that I couldn’t see him before he died will haunt me for the rest of my life. I spoke with him the night before and promised to go see him and in the morning he was gone. I keep wondering why I didn’t just go that night? Why?

I will never know the answer and I will forever regret not leaving everything behind and just go see him

On Saturday I ran thinking of him but I also ran thinking of my daughter and her future.

I hope that soon, one day, this cruel disease will just vanish

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