As the Government eases the lockdown, we decided to get on a train (more like two) and enjoy a day out at the London Zoo and Ruby always loved the animals. Monday, the weather was perfect and travelling with a face mask on the public transport wasn’t quite a nightmare.

We packed lunch as last time we had a horrible experience with over priced canteen food that tasted so bland I asked myself what on Earth did I actually order and what did I get.

Having fun at the London Zoo

As Ruby is over four years old now, she understands things differently and thought we can explain to her everything about animals habitat and their character, as well as tell stories about the beautiful fish and cheeky monkeys and meerkats.

We were pleasantly surprised to see there weren’t many people around so we could walk slowly and admire all animals in peace without worrying much about the social distancing.

What we didn’t expect was to find most of them asleep or very lethargic. We tried to check out the lions and tigers as last time they were asleep …. shocker …. same thing, different place in the cage. Most monkeys were missing and when we got to check the lemurs we were asked to use a face mask for our daughter although everything was outdoors. I was a bit annoyed as I just read an article stating that children shouldn’t wear a mask, specially little ones. I decided to just watch the animals from outside and not enter the cage. The bugs were inside but we weren’t asked to wear a face covering at all.

London Zoo

Moving forward, Ruby loved the giraffes and meerkats, little otters who were actively enjoying their little home, zebras and lovely penguins. As an adult though … I can’t say there was much to love. No fish as they are about to be moved, the birds area was closed and trying to look deep inside cages to find animals wasn’t ideal.

I have to admit that it was a lovely day out, away from our local attractions but all in all, not what we expected.

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