So difficult to set a goal for your next thirty days when you know the chances of living the house are limited to one form of exercise a day. I am not sure what I can say about it and maybe that is why I skipped my post yesterday and just writing it now.

My goal is to be able to run for 5k. I recently took up running just to make sure I am getting some fresh air in my lungs and because it’s the only time of day when I have time for myself to clear my head and calm my nerves. I wake up around 6 am and have a small cup of coffee; go out running and make sure I am back before my little one wakes up so I won’t miss the morning cuddles. I have to say today was my third session and I already see an improvement in my breathing, technique and also durability. I am about half way to getting to my goal but I am determined to reach it this next thirty days. I am motivating myself by acquiring nice and useful equipment to make my training easier and more pleasant. Lucky Amazon still delivers quick. I ordered a new core running zip top and a tank top from Superdry and also a Running Arm Band phone holder and a runners bottle on Amazon as I find myself getting thirsty and losing power during my run. I am checking out some new proper running trainers for the near future as well.

Apart from this, I set myself some goals to reach with my daughter as she starts school in September and I don’t want her to run behind will all knowledge she accumulated in preschool. I am trying to keep her away from any electronic devices and keep her busy with activities that are supposed to be educational and also help her consume some of the extra energy she has lately. We paint and we color, we do puzzles and exercise numbers and letters, moving on to phonics. Also, when the weather allows it we go out in the woods exploring, looking for bugs, collecting stones, running around and taking pictures of everything (she is still very passionate about her camera)

Otherwise, maybe explore some more cooking and reading more books if I get the alone time.

Like I mentioned earlier, it is so difficult to set goals being stuck in the house. Maybe something in the note of: stop snacking and have wine only on a weekend


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