What makes one laugh out loud? Scenes in a movie? A joke told in a certain way by a comedian?

Today’s challenge is all abut feeling good and those LOL moments when we can’t stop laughing, tears are running down our faces, the belly hurts and we ask ourselves if we can get a six pack from this amazingly entertaining activity.

There have been many moments that brought me into hysterics, not being able to control myself. Some are quite embarrassing so maybe that’s why they are so funny and some are just crazy and make me chuckle.

My top moments, from the top of my head, would be:;

  1. THAT TIME IN THE PLANE – this is one of the most embarrassing moments lived but every time I remember it I cannot help but laugh like an idiot. I was flying to see my parents and as accustomed, I sleep in the plane. This time made no exception only maybe … when I started dreaming. In my dream someone was spoon feeding me some sort of yogurt and I woke up the moment when I was leaning in with my mouth opened, ready to receive my portion of yogurt :))) LOL I was so confused but first thing I did was to check if any of the other passengers had seen me acting like a lunatic just escaped from the hospital. Not sure to the day if someone did notice what happened but I can tell you that I did laugh on my own and couldn’t stop – and if waking up in that manner didn’t attract attention, my stupid giggle definitely did
  2. THE ONE IN THE SWIMMING POOL – she makes me laugh on daily basis, specially when she gives me that sassy attitude thinking she can get away with murder just because she is cute but there are two moments I really want to mention. First one was when she was about four months old and I just managed to get her into swimming classes as everything was all booked due to season. Long story short, the instructor was amazing and loved my girl calling her little mermaid every time he would see her. Only one time she managed to embarrass me and determined me to send a massive box of cupcakes and never return – she pooped and the nappy leaked so I was covered all over in baby shit, the pool had to be emptied and lesson cut short (way too short) :))
  3. THE ONE WITH THE POTTY – that time she managed to make me roll on the floor. It was during potty training when I grew so frustrated feeling like a massive failure as a mother. She wouldn’t sit on the toilet or the potty and I had no clue where I was going wrong. One day I decided to tell her we don’t have nappies anymore and mummy will not buy others. She got this right and understood she needs to wear big girl pants and when she needs a wee we have to go toilet. The second part didn’t seem to be very explicit as I can still see myself running around the house with a brush and Dettol spray cleaning the carpet because this happened: She will wee the carpet, lift her arms and defeat, frown and say: “Oh, no! Not another accident!” – and I still laugh like an idiot visualizing that tiny cute face acting like such a grownup
  4. THE JIM JEFFERIES ONE – any of his stand ups make me die with laughter. I can’t help it. I remember first time I had discovered him was listening to his story about the first time he went for a gig in Irak

He is my all time favourite comedian and if you never listened to his stand ups, try and do it.

5. GINO D’ACAMPO – he makes me laugh even when he is trying to be serious. Showing up at The Morning show cracked me up and made all my days better. Recently, since he started hanging out for different TV series with Fred Sirieix and Gordon Ramsay, he is even more hilarious. It’s his positive vision of life, his not giving a …. about etiquette and saying it all as it is in a “piano” way bring me to laughter tears every time.

What is making you laugh out loud? What were the moments in your life that never stop making you chuckle?

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and you will come back for another interesting read tomorrow


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