What exactly kicks ass right now? I can’t find an answer to this questions. The only thing that crosses my mind is: CORONAVIRUS is kicking everyone’s asses. We are on lockdown and I cannot predict an exit from this any time soon. I wish we could just wake up and just be able to enjoy our lives and get back to normal but unfortunately there is no light on the horizon at the moment. I am not seeing any improvements.

Medical staff are fighting day and night with this pandemic and they are defeated. Not because they are not doing a good job because they are. But it’s all because they are fighting a virus without the bare minimum of protection equipment. They are exhausted and you can see the pain in their eyes.

It seems to me that politicians are more concerned about economy and about contracts instead of people, health and doctors.

Nothing is kicking ass right now apart from this nightmare of a virus who is at the moment dictating the world.

In UK only, over twenty thousand people lost their lives and there is no number to give hope when it comes to recovered cases. Nobody counts the once who got away. Come to think about it, maybe the once who managed to beat corona virus are the ones who are indeed kicking ass at the moment. They are the actual winners, the strong ones who can tell their story many years from now.


  1. It said tonight that grandparents might soon be able to visit their grandchildren – as long as they just watch them playing in the garden through the window. What!? I have friends with cancer and they always visualize the disease in order to gather themselves up against it. I see Covid as a school bully. We’ll beat it. It will get its comeuppance, but I’m not certain we will ever be the same when it’s gone. 😦

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