I wasn’t very keen on this post as there are way too many words crossing my mind and cannot stop at a particular one. It’s almost six pm and I finally stopped at LOCKDOWN UK – I cheated a bit I guess. I was supposed to type one word and I typed two. But promise to respect the other rule and that was to choose the eleventh picture and write about it

UK lockdown

I actually love this picture. It is meant to give us hope, make us stronger and remind us that nothing lasts forever (in a good way this time). We have been in lockdown for more than a month now and lots of people are struggling with being trapped indoors working from home, coping with children, home schooling and keeping sane. I am lucky in a way as I don’t need to work. I have been put on furlough so that means I am not an essential :)) and people don’t need me doing my job in these hard times. They can do without me (haha). I do have to cope with a four year old little girl who can never be quiet (trust me when I say she talks non stop) and her favorite question is “WHY”. It is difficult but not impossible to manage. I wish I could go out and not be restrained by rules but my mind is set to believe that is it all four our own good and ” this will all pass”.

Believe it or not, I think my mental health actually improved once with the lock down and my nightmares somehow vanished. But I am like that. I am a monument of reason and calmness while in a crises and I crumble and find it hard to cope after the storm passed. I am scared of what’s going to be when we have to go back to normal but in the same time I am hoping “normality” will come sooner rather than later.

The picture I chose emphasizes our belief that better days are coming. Nobody knows when exactly but we all know they will come. We are aware of it in our hearts and what is hard and cruel reality right now will become a piece of history soon.


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