HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!! What a beautiful post this is on Easter Sunday. Let’s talk blessings and peace.

In this day and age we are never satisfied with what we got. We always look at the one next to us, wanting what they have, we strive to become the perfect people forgetting that social media can be negative and misleading. This pandemic threatening the entire world, locked us in our homes and is testing our believes and values (or rather the lack of values lately). I see lots of people posting their workouts from home, their #proudparent moments with their little ones and their cooking/baking skills and I think to myself: these are things that are normal. We should enjoy and practice them on daily basis and not only when on lock down, away from others. We should just sit still, open our eyes and count our blessings.

Living in these hard times I can say that my biggest blessing is MY HEALTH and my family’s as well. We are all in good health and this is something that I am happy about. We are trying to have a good diet and exercise on daily basis and set a good example to my little one who is already a fan of yoga and cardio. I think it is so important to work on keeping yourself active and avoid bad habits that lead to long term illnesses.

When my anxiety takes me to my darkest place, I practice gratitude and one of the things I always thank God for is MY DAUGHTER. I am so blessed to have her. Although she is only four, she never ceases to amaze me and she teaches me new lessons every day. She teaches me unconditional love and kindness and she shows me just how magical innocence is. She makes me laugh every day and my heart gets bigger and bigger for my love for her is forever growing.

I am blessed to live in a country where health system is free and available, where I have access to medicine and expert advice every day and night and I don’t need to mortgage my house to give birth; I don’t gave to pay for my daughter’s treatments when she is ill and she has full access to a dentist. I am blessed to be able to enter a pharmacy and find all basic things we need and others lack. Maybe the Health System blessing could go in one with my personal health so I would just do six blessings instead of five

FREE WILL – this is most definitely another thing I feel blessed about. I have the freedom and option to choose how I live my life without being pressured by any other factors around. I live in a free country where I can be whoever I want to be without being restricted by society, Government or religion.

ABUNDANCE – YES, this is one of my blessings. I have anything I want and the means to get it. I can find all necessary articles for food, clothing and hygiene and more than that. The universe does not lack in any outlet. There is enough in the world for everyone.Β 

ACCESS TO INFORMATION – Such a blessing to have the means and access to everything out there. I can travel places with only one click on my computer; I can find out the situation in the world with another click and I can read all the books in the world (that makes me immensely happy)

Among other blessings are my job, the fact that I have a roof over my head; the fact that I do manage financially and don’t struggle to provide for my child; the freedom to travel; .I’m grateful for the simplicity of life; to want less and be more. I am grateful for having the ability and freedom to disconnect from technology and stay connected to the people in my life and the reality that surrounds me, with humanity. I am grateful and feel blessed for being able to help others in need; I am blessed for even being able to write this blog and get to know so many incredible and talented souls out there in the world from whom I got so many things to learn. Also, I am grateful for being who I am and for being able to afford to make the choices I made. I am blessed for I can see the beauty that surrounds and I can walk every day wherever I choose to. I am blessed for having incredible, kind and beautiful friends who never judge but love. I am blessed for being able to love and feel loved, for waking up every morning to the sound of birds chirping in the trees, for having the time to drink my coffee while watching naughty squirrels play outside. And in the end, I am blessed for being able to dream and hope.

What are your blessings?


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