I am not a very difficult person but definitely challenging. I am obsessed with books, writing, Sex and The City and Grey’s Anatomy. I love my independence way too much and I hate being controlled. Having these in mind, you already know a good part of me. But, what are the five ways to my win my heart?

  1. LOVE MY CHILD – My daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me and if someone wants the key to my heart …. this is t! Love my little cheeky monkey, show her you are there for her and never let her down. Love her and I love you! I can never imagine my life without this little miracle of mine and someone who doesn’t give her the attention she needs is definitely someone who has no place in my life.
  2. BE HONEST – I am not a fan of lies and deceit. I have always been honest with people around me and I expect the same. An honest person is always a fair person, straightforward and truthful and I appreciate that more than anything. I have always worked hard for everything in my life and people who get things through cheating are not my people. Be honest with me and I will definitely allow you to be a part of my life
  3. BE KIND – being kind requires strength and courage. Being kind is not weak or naive although most times people seem to see it that way. Be kind, show me your heart and I am yours. Kind people are beautiful people, calm and positive, people who are always there for you in need. Kind people are the ones who never judge. Lots considered me naive and sometimes gullible because of my good-natured spirit but I learned the hard way that it takes a lot to show kindness to others and this is another must if you want to be part of my life and win my heart
  4. GIVE ME FREEDOM – I love my independence way too much to be always questioned on things I do and decisions I make. I lost few people in my life because of them asking me to change who I am and act differently. I had “friends” asking me to stop being around my child as much and just set her free because one day she won’t need me anymore and I will realise I lost so many years of fun in my life (yeah …. bye bye …). I have been on my own for a good part of my life and learned to count on myself and myself only so the second I feel like I am being “caged” I tend to run. If you want to win my heart …. let me be free
  5. BUY ME BOOKS AND FLOWERS – when I retire I want to have a house with a big garden and plant flowers and take care of them every day. Flowers bring me so much joy and I could surround myself with them. They are so precious and so beautiful, they always listen and never talk back. They need love and I got love to give. As for books …. there is not enough time in this life for me to read all the books I want to read and when you surprise me with a good read, you just opened up my heart.
  6. MAKE ME LAUGH – Like good old Dickens used to say: β€œThere is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” I love laughter and I love a person who never loses its sense of humor even in the darkest moments. I love those ones who are making me smile when all I want is to cry. Make me laugh all day and I will give you my heart. Brighten up my life and let’s smile together trying to make the world a better place

β€œI love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.”

― Audrey Hepburn

Also worth mentioning are a healthy lifestyle sprinkled with the occasional pizza and wine movie time; a love for cheesy movies, corny things and never ending walks in the park, a pure obsession with coffee and chocolate (sweets of all sorts, preferably pastries) would be nice to share and also quiet days by the beach sipping cocktails and just taking in all the Vitamin D possible (don’t talk, just enjoy the peace)

There are so many other things to mention but I won’t make a full disclosure here. Better when there is a bit of mystery left to discover.



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