That’s not an easy one for me. For the past for years I have been surrounded by nursery rhymes and I don’t think anyone is interested in “Baby Shark” or “Twinkle, twinkle”. As I have no clue who is in fashion now and who is not a star anymore, I decided on writing about my top ten songs I will always love.

  1. One of my favourite artists is Yanni and I will always listen to his concerts transporting me in such a peaceful place. His music is my happy place and my top song is MI TODO ERES TU interpreted by obviously Yanni and the absolutely mesmerising voices of Chloe Lowery and Ender Thomas

2. Another song that brings so much joy and power into my heart is I HATE YOU THEN I LOVE YOU interpreted by CELINE DION and LUCIANO PAVAROTTI. I have been in love with their voices and when I can listen to them – together or separately – any time of day no matter how I feel. They are both empowering, inspiring and they give me strength when I need it.

3. The Queen of Queens can’t miss from my preferences. Tina Turner is one damn woman with an unforgettable voice. It is hard to pick one song out of all but I DON’T WANT TO LOSE YOU is the one I used to listen in my teenage years when I was young and in love – more like infatuated with someone but we all know what a drama is when you are fifteen and like a boy

4. Two other artists I love and one amazing song has to be George Michael and Elton John – Don’t let the sun go down on me. This is THE SONG we used to sing at all parties and I found it so calming and always gave me such a good energy listening to it.

5. Who wasn’t in love with Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing? I know all lines by heart and imagined myself an amazing dancer that I am not as I can’t dance. No wonder one of my favorite songs is TIME OF MY LIFE sang by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. This song brings a smile on my face every day and it makes me want to move, picturing myself as Baby. I swear I have seen this movie at least two hundred times and I could watch it all day and never get sick of it

6. OMG … I can’t forget the Legend, FREDDIE MERCURY. I adore him, love all his music but the song that I somehow thought it represents me as well in a way, has to be IN MY DEFENCE. I remember having a record player at home and every time I came from work I used to play Freddie’s album while having a hot bath. It always helped me calm and relax.

7. Have you seen The Greatest Showman? I never knew Hugh Jackman can sing like that. All soundtrack is absolutely amazing. I could listen to it all day and I am thinking of making it my running playlist because it absolutely empowers me and gives me hope and allows me to dream big. When I first heard A MILLION DREAMS I cried (like properly cried, with real tears)

8. I was born in 1980 so I have to say that one of most influential artists for me was CHER. I mean, this woman is so strong and so damn incredible. She got strength. She literally can’t dance but she is unbelievable. Her concerts were unreal and her voice is still embedded in my heart. One of the most beautiful songs, that I will always sing and it will make me jump up and down with joy is: IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME

9. As we are still talking about strong women, I can’t live this post without mentioning PINK. My one and only crush. A true show woman who never seizes to amaze. She is a force of nature and her music is the go to of our times. I will always admire her and love what she does

(I cannot embed this song but please listen to it on youtube)

10. I remember few years ago when I was fairly new to UK and used to take long boat rides across Thames with my best friend. We were young and didn’t have any responsibilities. We did whatever we wanted and whenever we wanted so one day, we went to O2 arena and Guns n’Roses was about to perform in few hours. Back then, cash was my favourite and not cards so we had to speed it up home and back to Greenwich so we can buy tickets. They had few left standing but who cared. It was Guns N’Roses and we were not to miss it. What comes to mind? PATIENCE!!!! The song we sang during the concert and forever after.

There are so many other songs I will always listen with great joy and I am so pleased about this post because it just reminded just what a good therapy music is and how much inspiration it gives me. I hope you enjoy my songs.



  1. Great choices! Ever since I was a teenager I have always loved Tina’s “River Deep – Mountain High.” She’s an amazing singer and and a symbol of strength and endurance!


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