Only five? I haven’t seen too many places so far so my list is quite long but I will try to resume myself to the post and only write about five beautiful places I want to visit

  1. ALL THE GREEK ISLANDS – I am no stranger to Greece but every time I went, I promised myself to come back. I have visited Athens, Thessaloniki, Corfu Island and Mykonos, Olympic Beach and Paralia but there are so many incredible places I still need to explore this life time. I have been fascinated with Greek Mythology and being at the Acropolis gave me such goosebumps. Just imagining Gods and Goddesses, the fights in the Arena and all the incredible stories was unbelievable.

2. THE CARIBBEAN ISLANDS – St Lucia? Montego Bay? Aruba? Grenada? Martinique? St Barts? Puerto Rico? Havana? OMG!!! I want them all in one. The diverse culture, the food, the music, dancing, the beaches….it all seems like Heaven. I know not all places are safe but I am allowed to dream and go places closing my eyes (not that I can actually go anywhere now, being isolated in my own home).

Probably the one I would go if I had the chance, would be Havana. I want to visit the baroque Catedral de San Cristรณbal and Plaza Vieja, both buildings described by their vibrant architecturalย mix. I want to see the Vintage American cars lined by the cityโ€™s streets and rumba groups playing in the painted alley Callejรณn de Hamel. I want to hear salsa from clubs and watch cabaret performed at the famed Tropicana. I want to see all flowery dresses and colors everywhere.

3. ITALY – I want to visit the entire country. I want to see the seaside, I want to see the big cities but also the country side. I want to take in all history and culture. I want to try the proper Italian coffee, sipping it while admiring people going by. I want to try all amazing foods possible and be that proper tourist exclaiming “WOW” with every step I take. I want to go Vatican, Venice, Florence, Rome, Milan, Tuscany, Capri, Naples and Sicily. I want to see all those places filled with history, love and adventure.

4. NEW YORK – Yes! I want to see the Big Apple. I grew up a bit obsessed with Sex and the City therefor, a bit crazy about this massive city. I want to go Manhattan and visit all the bars and coffee places. I want to have a beautiful walk through Central Park; take millions of pictures in The Times Square. I would give anything to see a play on Broadway, walk at nigh around the Upper Est Side and why not, visit Brooklin and China Town. I would love to try different foods and drinks and massive portions of Ice Cream and cheese cakes. Take me to New York and leave on the doorstep of that $700 a month rented apartment between Park and Madison. You know, where Carrie Bradshaw lived ๐Ÿ™‚

5. FRANCE – I have been to Paris twice, each time discovering new places filled with history. I have walked where famous writers and artists walked imagining life in their times. I closed my eyes and seen The Revolution happening, just like in Les Miserable. I wouldn’t mind going back and just enjoying wine and baguettes and cheese every night watching the Eiffel Tower. But I also want to go Normandy, Provence and all southern area, Monaco and Marseilles, Bordeaux and Lyon. I want to go around the vineyards and all charming chateaux, feeling like a princess at the Court. I want to admire all fashion boutiques and buy millions of scarves and belts. Take me to Paris …. it was a song I remembered now ….

I traveled so many places today ๐Ÿ™‚ See you tomorrow


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