This challenge is not that easy you know. I mean, yeah, I know the subject for the day but I have to think of it and I have to write about it and squeeze my brain to come up with something that is accurate because all these posts are meant to get us to know each other better.

I was lying in bed last night thinking about who inspires me. Shall I write about a celebrity? In this case I would write about Pink but I already wrote a post about her and it would be a bit weird. Shall I write about a writer? That would make my list quite long because there is not only one who makes me dream of becoming just like him/her. Shall I write about a hero? There is a girl who wrote a book about her psychopath mother (My Mother the Psychopath by Olivia Rayne) and how she lived in terror until adulthood. I read her book and I thought to myself: this woman is a damn hero still managing to be sane after all she had been through.

inspire me

In the end I decided to write about the one and only person who inspired me and continues to do it every day: my father. He is one smart man who knows how to express his point of view. He is absolutely hilarious and never ceases to amaze me. He is a proud man who always chose the right path and done good every time he could.

I remember when we were little and he would come from work at 4:30 pm every day, change in comfortable clothes and grab a book. He would read to unwind, watch a documentary (usually on fishing) and watch the news at 7pm every day. We would all do simple workouts before bed, stretching on the living floor and my mum would lough out loud at me and him as we were so bad at bending and any basic exercise. He would check our homework and correct my handwriting until a I do it nice and neat. I remember, later, growing up, how he would try and teach me right from wrong. I was about thirteen I think when he had a very serious chat with me. He told me that I should become whoever I want in life but never count on anyone. Just work on my own instead of achieving things for being his daughter or someone’s girlfriend. He said to me these things will pass and with them my career. “Do whatever you want but do it on your own. There is always compromise in life. You try and do the smallest of them all!” These words are still in my mind and I still remember it was past midnight that night and we were both in the living room on the same green armchair like there weren’t any left around us.

My dad is the one who always tried to give me good advice (although none of us are good at talking or expressing our feelings) even if at times it was via emails. He is the one who always supported me. Even when I told him I want to move countries. He gave me money and said I can always take it all as an experience if it doesn’t work out and I can come back home any time. His arms will be wide opened for me.

He does inspire me because in spite of it all he always knew how to take care of himself. He always made the smallest compromises in life. He inspires me because he made me discover the world of books and because he always treated me as an adult (even when I behaved like a spoiled child) and he allowed me to make decisions on my own. He inspires me because he was always wise enough to let me see my mistakes and allow me to straighten them up without pushing or judging me. He wasn’t always on board with my decisions in life but he never said anything to me. Sometimes he would drop a funny hint there so I know his opinion but I was never pressured to go one way or another in life. I was never pressured to follow on his footsteps. I was always given the choice and this helped me become who I am. It’s not my final version and I still need to grow but at the moment, I am damn grateful for he raised me the way he did.

My father inspired me to always learn and grow. He will continue to inspire me and although he is miles and miles away I still hear his voice when I need to take a decision in my life. I miss him and this feeling pains me and make me cry so much but I know this craziness will pass and I’ll finally be able to fly and visit.

I am not going to write more on this as I am getting emotional



  1. Aww, your post made me smile. I love how you describe your father and share the fond memories of the past and all the other times you spent with him. This post also made me think about my own father as he was also my best friend. I won’t get too deep here because I missed mines and he passed away in 2003. Take good care of you and your daughter and I hope you get to spend more time with him soon.

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