I kept thinking of this post and at some point I had no idea what to write about. Not because I don’t have any pet peeves because I do. PLENTY! The problem was: do I write about the type of people that drive me mad, do I write about things that make me go insane? What sort of pet peeves are we talking about here? Then I thought …. I will just make a mix of it as it’s not quite specified.

I will be proper short on this post as I don’t want to get into much detail in regards to things I really don’t like.

  1. PEOPLE WHO ARE CHRONICALLY LATE – this is one thing that literally drives me up the walls. I am that person who will get early everywhere just because I hate being late. I am often left waiting for meetings although I got there in time, specially at a doctor’s appointment when I run to be there at least five minutes early and I check in and that message pops in my face: running thirty minutes late!!!! AAAARRRGGHHHHH!!!!!! But I understand doctors. It’s normal people I don’t get. People who are ALWAYS late. The ones who will never make it in time because there is something going on every day, the ones who make me wait for an hour because they didn’t predict there will be traffic at rush hour; the ones who will make me wait because they left the house in time but they missed the bus/train and then they had to wait and the next one was so busy that they had to wait for another; the ones who stopped to grab a coffee because they had plenty of time but something happened and someone spilled coffee on them and they had to go buy new clothes because they couldn’t come like that ….. the ones who are late because they couldn’t decide on what to wear for a freaking casual drinks get together. I think I managed to vent quite a lot on this one although I said I will keep it short :))
  2. UNDECIDED PEOPLE – this is another thing that I can’t get. Have you ever waited ten minutes in a Starbucks queue and the person in front of you takes another ten minutes to decide what he/she wants? OMG! I want to murder those people. When I hear that: “Can I have aaaaaaaa …….” – and then they study the menu like they never had a bloody coffee before and it’s only 7:30am and I am in a hurry because I really hate being late …. massive slap over my face. I want to scream! I bet you like them just as much. I work in the customer service branch and we do sell gift cards along with other services we offer. When I face a person who will just put money on my desk and start counting like I handed them the money and not the other way around I already start my swearing repertoire deep down inside my mine. Then, to make things worse, they ask for a certain amount so that after I load the card they will decide that they actually want a different amount and so on until I murdered them in my mind just about ten thousand times already. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS AND DO IT FASTER FOR CHRIST SAKE!!!!
  3. PEOPLE WHO SMELL – this is one thing that makes me vomit in my mouth instantly. I really can’t stand people who smell. We live in modern times when water, soap and deodorant have been invented and are actually such items that you can find in every store possible. It is that hard to have a shower before you get out the house? It makes me sick when I smell perspiration on people and it’s just 8 am (no, they are definitely not coming from work at that time). There is really no excuse for this and I cannot find an explanation for laziness and lack of hygiene.
  4. CLOSE SPEAKERS – OMG!!!! Please just keep your distance when you speak to me. Don’t come into my personal space because I will start screaming and I get horror shivers down my spine. I remember back about seven years ago I had a guy at work who would just come so close to everyone when he wanted to speak. I was polite about it although every time he came near me I was tempted to punch him in the face. The thing lasted for about a week because we started protesting against him for making us feel uncomfortable. Now I am not as nice as I used to be and I am expressing my madness on the spot. I really don’t want to feel anyone’s breath on my face. I hate people coming into my “bubble” trying to touch me while speaking. I think there is enough space in the world and we don’t need to come THAT close to each other. Know that if you do this to me you will most likely learn some new swear words from me and probably you will be pushed away as well.
  5. THE WHISPERERS – I promise this is the last one. I just remembered how angry these people make me. Have you ever tried to read lips just because someone is so scared to speak? I mean, that’s what I think it is. They don’t speak. They whisper! And I can’t stand it. Speak up people!!!! There is always background noise around us, there is always distractions and there is also common sense. Also, if someone is trying to understand what you are saying and asks you to repeat once it’s OK but asking you already three times …. you definitely got a problem and is called: SPEAK UP, DAMN IT!!!

I will stop here because I promised this will not be a long post but somehow I just started venting and kept remembering stuff that annoy me so much.

What are your pet peeves?

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