It hasn’t been that long since schools were closed but still, keeping a four year old indoors requires lots of patience and imagination. There is only a certain amount of time allocated for Lego, drawing, painting and play doh. We all know just how bored a toddler can get indoors. Up until last week she was going preschool two full days while I was at work and the rest five days of the week she would be out and about with me. One day for a full long play date, another to the shopping center and soft play plus a bit of shopping and so on. We would sometimes bake in the morning and venture outside afterwords only to come back indoors before dinner time.

As times have changed and we have to stay away from the terrible CORONAVIRUS, I found myself having to look for different online free activities and also taking out puzzles we can make together. Luckily, she is one child who can play alone for a long time but still, boredom will soon come and she will just stare out the window asking why can we not go outside with the bicycle or why can we not just go see her friend in her house.

I have tried to explain to her the current situation but I cannot say that I had much luck with it. She told me: “Mummy, but we can go outside and just go around the virus. We can be very careful” Now, what do you say to that? I chose to give her a big cuddle and kiss her while bribing her with an ice lolly.

In the past days we read many books (luckily she loves stories), we managed to draw a rainbow, jump up and down the sofa singing the A, B, C song and also learned to play Mario Kart.

Another amazing activity we discovered and Ruby loves it is yoga. We found a YouTube channel called COSMIC KIDS YOGA. It is lovely and kids learn posses through stories. The girl conducting the class has quite few episodes, all structured through a certain story. The ones Ruby loves the most are Frozen and The Hungry Caterpillar.

There are also Storyline Online where amazing celebs are reading beautiful stories (this one helps as I am losing my voice soon)

We love all these and also the amazing Facebook groups and personal trainers who decided to have free classes online for children, as well as our Tappy Toes dance classes that we normally attend on Thursdays – Mandy, the lovely teacher, filmed some beautiful classes so we can attend online from our living room.

Future wise, we will learn how to replant our flowers in the pots and try different cooking not only baking together. I am very bad at arts and crafts so I will definitely have to look into that and learn on the go from different websites and blogs.

@alinabarac My daughter’s rainbow to spread hope across the world in these hard times

I cannot say that so far it has all been a nightmare or I am getting depressed because it is not the case. I only hope this current situation will just pass soon and we can go back to normality, taking my child in the park on a sunny day and sip a coffee from our local cafe that I do have to say I miss a lot.

How are you entertaining your child? Any good ideas? Always happy to take things on board from other parents.


  1. We’re exercising as well and eating lots of things we shouldn’t be eating… Trying to get the best out of it! Everything will pass ❀️

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