We all cry and post words about kindness in these hard times but all I see is just insanity, selfishness and lack of sensitivity. Because my job is one that doesn’t allow me to work from home, I had to work and will probably have to on the week to follow as well. The things I have witnessed made me wonder where is our society heading. We have Boots and Superdrug in the shopping center and both experienced massive queues, ours before opening their doors. People fighting for hand sanitizer and soaps like they never washed their hands before, buying nappies and wipes and baby food like the Apocalypse is coming, never, for a second, thinking that someone else has a need for all of the above. I went into a Waitrose supermarket to buy a bag o pasta. I got there around 12:30 and a shop assistant was stocking up the pasta shelves. Within seconds she got pushed around by animals (cannot call them humans) who were grabbing ten bags if possible not seeing the others around or showing any level of compassion.

I couldn’t find flower, sugar, baked beans (I have a toddler who likes it ans she is fussy so I try and give her whatever she eats), rice (for God sake, I am on a diet and I do eat rice), toilet paper. YEAH!!!!! WTF!!!!! What is everyone doing with all the freaking toilet paper? Let me tell you some breaking news here:


We live in some scary times now and panic buying doesn’t help at all. On the contrary! It creates panic, chaos, prices going up and humanity going down the drain. We are still able to go shop and buy necessary toiletries and food so let’s use our brains and stop this degradation. We are slowly turning into animals lacking feelings and basic common sense.

I have received a video on Facebook from a friend and all I could do is just swear. A person is filming his house for over three and a half minutes just to show how prepared he is for the times to come. His supplies will definitely last him over a year. The amounts of cooking oil he purchased will definitely help other at least fifty people for months. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING . He was so damn proud of himself not for a second thinking of those in need who lack even a bag of f…..g rice.

My friend cried today because she had to visit so many stores trying to find nappies for her one year old son and laundry detergent. For those who buy so many nappies: YOUR CHILD IS GROWING!!!! THEY DON’T NEED TEN MASSIVE BAGS BECAUSE IT WON’T FIT THEM SOON!!!!! Baby wipes? Use them with care and also, wash your child’s bum when you can because that’s what your mum used to do and my mum as well, back in the days when nobody heard of wet wipes. THINK OF OTHER MOTHERS INSTEAD OF BECOMING A SELFISH COW. I looked in stores for a bottle of Nurofen because the one I had in the house was opened for a while and therefore not good for use. Lucky someone found for me in a Tesco supermarket. You know what my friend did? SHE BOUGHT ONE BOTTLE AND LEFT THE REMAINING TWO ON THE SHELF FOR ANOTHER MOTHER TO FIND.

Don’t get me wrong! I am concerned and worried about this virus killing people and spreading so quickly. I am scared and am doing all possible to protect myself and my family. Everyday I wake up reading more and more devastating news and thank God I am healthy and safe and my family and friends as well. By all means, please!!! I beg you: PROTECT YOURSELVES! Take measures and stay safe! But in the same time, PLEASE, don’t lose your humanity, don’t lose hope! Please be kind and share. Show love and compassion. Protect one another and stay away from this curse that fell upon us.

All pubs and restaurants are closed. Coffee shops are closed and I cannot tell you how much I will miss them. God, a latte and a book outside, hearing birds sing or just people laugh and kids playing in a free world – that feeling cannot be replaced. I have a coffee machine and I will probably make my own latte (that, for as long as I can still find milk to buy) and drink it out of a travel mug to make me feel like I am on the go. I will open my big windows, breath in some fresh air and read a page or two while looking out for squirrels because they don’t know what is going on with us and they always manage to put a smile on my face.

I have never realised just how many things we take for granted and how precious our lives actually are. Who thought that there will come a day when we will find empty shelves in stores, food is rationed and toiletries are a luxury? Who would have thought that we would live times when going in the park, attending a play in theaters, watching a movie at the cinema, seeing your friends for a meal or just going to the shopping center is forbidden?

I don’t want these activities to become a distant memory and I want the world we live in to get back to normal as soon as possible. I want all of us to feel free again and smile out in the street without being afraid to sneeze. I want my daughter to grow up having the opportunity to become whoever she wants to be in life. I want to see her grow from a smart toddler into an incredible woman with perspectives and a bright future. I want her to still see the world like she sees it now: full of happy people and lots of sun.

I am afraid of this situation lasting for months and I am afraid of isolation. I will definitely not get bored in the house but I want to have the freedom to choose. I will probably get to read those many books piled up in my bedroom and my Kindle library, I will also workout every day, entertain my toddler as best as possible and clean the shit out of this house and maybe learn how to cook properly. Thank God for Netflix and Amazon Prime so I can watch all those series I was planning on watching. Who knows? Maybe I will get to the stage of waking up in the morning, putting on my best dress and just rocking those high heels I haven’t worn in years because my feet can’t stand the pressure since having a child (the carpet can take the pressure and the heels won’t feel so uncomfortable).

Joke on the side, lets be humans! Show that kindness we keep talking about and don’t lose hope.

My daughter made a drawing showing only happy faces and I want you to look at it and see the tiny sun and the flowers and imagine that that is exactly how we should be



Please share and spread the love πŸ₯°


  1. A perfect post! I feel the same… it’s insanely and chaos! The worst is by being so avaricious it shows that we still have a long way for our generation to grow up and become wise. Thank you for reminder ❀️

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