This 2020 appears to be the year dedicated to change and I am determined to make it better and concentrate more on my SELF. I want to create better habits for my family and I want to dedicate more time to them rather than social media and society itself.

I want to be more disciplined, more aware, I want to have more discipline when it comes to myself and I want to grow, I want to develop and learn how to love myself again. I want to make this year more about ME, my SELF, the best self I can create in twelve months.

The best version of me helps the ones I love and makes them better as well. The way I present myself in front of them determines the way they see me and the way they interact with me. If I am positive and healthy, if I am happy and kind, everyone around me IS the same. The way I show myself to the world is the way the world sees me.

Best example is my daughter and I see it every day. If I have a bad start one morning and she feels my sadness or anger, she will behave the same the entire day. She will be upset, she will complain about everything around, she will not eat properly, she will fill me up with more negative energy and it will all come back to me with even more intensity.

If I wake up and smile, I hold her in my arms and tell her how much I love her, I start playing games and be present in the moment with her it all shifts in the opposite direction of negative. We will have one day filled by inspiration, smiles, love and connectivity. People around us will feel it as well and they will smile more.

2020 has to make me smile more and see the world in a more positive light

Eating healthier food will show my daughter another positive example and will determine her to be the same. She loves to copy my actions and I only hope she will start at least trying new food instead of saying from the start that she doesn’t like it.

Drinking more water is essential. I am usually good with my water intake but I can always get better and eliminate all juices from my child’s life as well. I don’t like offering her anything else but water and I would love to stick to this habit further more

Exercise regularly I say. This is something I am working on for a while now. You see, I get into working out and I feel amazing and then, there comes that day when I can’t find the energy for it and I fall into the lazy, eating crap, drinking wine trap that holds me there for a while. So, in the spirit of a better SELF I would love to escape this and see the benefits of exercising. I have more energy, my anxiety is kept in place, I am giving my daughter a good example in life and also, at my age (I never thought I will say this) it’s such a positive action keeping me healthier.

Trust myself more. And when I say more I actually say learn how to trust in me. I never had a good opinion about myself and I never thought I was good enough for anything. I lacked the courage to go forward and instead I just settled for less than I deserved (talking about my aspirations, my dreams and my professional development). Ever since I was a teenager I was dreaming of becoming a writer and look at me now, struggling to just keep a blog active. I started writing a book and I am scared of even getting close to finishing it. WHY? Because I am scared of failure and maybe, in a way, I am scared of success as well. And I say to myself that this needs to stop and I have to learn to think of myself as a person with dreams to follow and not dreams to forget about.

And finally, I would love to learn how to love myself again. And this comes from self confidence.

It’s all connected and the better we become, the better example we give. The happier we are, the happier we make the people around us. The more successful we become, the better example we give to the ones we love. The healthier we are, the happier we get and the kinder the better.

I want to be a better person, a better self. I want to learn how to give and follow examples. I want this year to be the best year so far. I want the shifting energies to bring me peace, tranquility, love, fulfillment and joy. I want to see the good and I want to help more.

In the spirit of this 2020 I will be better

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