A Christmas tree became a statement in the past years and following trends on how to decorate it is just a must.

We don’t just take out the decorations and tinsel from the attic and put up the tree. We don’t just play an old Christmas playlist and get in the mood, happily waiting for Santa to come down the chimney.

In my childhood this is what happened. Not to mention that my family decorated the tree as close to Christmas as possible and it always looked like a rainbow with crystal baubles next to sparkly or just old fashioned plastic ones. We always had a real tree and I still remember The Three Tenors singing in the background and the smell of sponge cake, traditional to our country.

80s Christmas tree

Growing up I became a bit of a freak and made sure I am the one involved in the process but keeping up the rituals in the same time. On 23rd of December we had Carolers knocking on our door and it always made me so emotional. Little children wishing you joy and love through singing, tinsel spread across the living room, lights in all colours and my favorite three tenors. Slowly I started selecting decorations and somehow I ended up having a red and gold tree one year and a blue and silver the next. I have been following this pattern for almost ten years now it feels like I won’t be changing it soon.

What I don’t necessarily like is the Christmassy atmosphere shoved in our faces from after Halloween. I feel like it just kills the excitement and joy instead of intensifying it. But who am I to argue with marketing and sales. I am just a simple Christmas lover and this year my tree is blue and silver and it’s been up since the first day of december.

This year I have seen some insanely beautiful decorations and tree ideas but somehow I found them a bit over the top. I did dream about having a white tree decorated just like the one in John Lewis or the rusty/autumnal one that made me feel so damn nostalgic but I am sure that would have cost me at least few hundred pounds and would have diminished my budget for presents and other December things.

We had to buy a new tree and was happy finding one in B&Q. I wanted a cozy tree and not too big and this one meets the criteria, not to mention it has some cute little cones and berries in already. I did not want to spend a fortune on decorations so I opted for the same store when it came to baubles and lights and I just added few other ornaments from the Christmas shop opened in our local shopping center.

I left the tinsel under the tree where a little tray will be filled with cookies, milk and a carrot waiting for Santa and Rudolph (Ruby’s dad wanted to opt for pizza and beer for Santa and make it a tradition but although I find it original and funny, I am not sure about the outcome of her bragging about it in preschool)

How is your tree going this year? When do you put it up? Do you pass on traditions or rituals to your little ones?

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