Ever since I moved to London it became a tradition to always make it at least once a year to Winter Wonderland. I am not a fan of the scary rides but I never say no to mulled wine, Christmas carols and a festive atmosphere. I made it when I was pregnant and I made it after. Last year I booked a day off and went while my daughter was in nursery. I thought she would be too young and will get grumpy and over tired from all the excitement. We swore to bring her this year so she can understand more of what is going on.

We ditched the stroller about two months ago and Ruby is one little champion at walking around without whinging. We took the train into London about 11 o’clock and headed towards Marble Arch. I tried to explain to her what exactly happens in Winter Wonderland to keep her entertained during the journey and once we got off the train our adventure began.

Pony rides, car rides, funny hats and toys kept my daughter so busy she didn’t realise how time was flying.

As tradition goes, we had to stop in the Bavarian Village for some delicious sausages. Even though the rain outside didn’t seem to stop and we went daylight, we still had such good time and I managed to have some well deserved mulled wine.

Obviously, I couldn’t manage to make Ruby try any of the foods but she enjoyed her all time favourite chippy and sauce (tomato sauce) and had a yummy apple juice.

I was worried for toilets as I am a bit of a germ freak and I hate it when she touches everything around but this time around we were really lucky and she behaved. Also, toilets were pretty clean when we went and I didn’t go crazy.

This was the first year I went with my daughter and I can say that the experience is completely different but so much more rewarding. Seeing her smile and so happy riding all kids rides made me realise that Winter Wonderland is magic when you have a little one with you.

We spent a wonderful day and promised to go back.

We have tickets for the circus tomorrow at Winter Wonderland and I am looking forward to share with you, Ruby’s first experience of such sort.

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