Long time no write. Again. It seems like I cannot commit to at least one post a week. My daughter is growing up and milestones were hit a while back plus my inspiration is a bit on the non existent aspect of life.

One thing that recently caught my eye was a Facebook post that said: “life is too short to drink bad coffee and talk to people who no longer belong in your life”

As a proper coffee addict I can relate to this and can assure you that I will always choose the good coffee so I can sip it in peace, feel it’s taste and smile as it wakes me up and takes all bad things away. As for the people …. I need to work on this one. I know some people in my life who no longer bring me joy, don’t motivate me or do anything positive actually but I still hold on to them just because we know each other or because this crazy generation turns us into spies and we feel the need to know what people are doing. Strange how we managed to carry on with our lives before internet took over us. We brake up with someone and that is that. Friends move countries, finish high school and uni and choose who they want to keep in touch with and who they can live without. Nowadays we receive friend requests and get Instagram or Twitter followers and we all know what everyone is doing. Most of the times it all seems like a competition, each posting glamorous pictures showing just how happy and fulfilled they are.

My social media is filled with positive messages, smiles and #proudmom or #motherdaughter moments captured in my happy times. That doesn’t mean I don’t struggle, I don’t cry or I don’t fail because these are parts of my life as well. Maybe I make it all seem fluffy clouds and unicorns but trust me when I say: IT IS NOT

Lately I had time to reflect on my life and choices and decided that indeed “life is too short to drink bad coffee and talk to people who no longer belong in your life”

Future wise I am heading towards closing my Facebook account specially as I really don’t find it useful anymore. It’s just one of those automatic things you do when you get a free second, open your app on your phone and scroll down not actually paying attention to what you do. I decided that that time can be invested in more proactive things like baking or why not, simply observing reality instead of getting stuck inside virtual things and forgetting to appreciate life as it is, living the good and the bad without feeling the need to share it with the world but most importantly being able to let go of people and things that no longer serve a purpose in my life.

I feel like most of my anxiety is generated by the crazy standards we are “forced” to live by on daily basis just because social media says so.


I will drink the good coffee and learn to say NO when it’s the case to say NO. I will learn to live in a more simple way and smile honestly. I want to make my life easier and learn again to appreciate what is valuable and maybe, this way my daughter will learn the same things. I need my friends in my life to spend precious moments and make memories with. The kind of memories that will never die, not the ones I only remember if I get a notification on my Facebook.

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