Finally we went trick or treat this year. Our very first Halloween. It was a success and the kids had so much fun. I have to admit I was pretty excited myself as I never celebrated before.

Ruby had her best friend and they looked adorable together in their outfits.

We went to our local shopping center where all little kids got a bucket and a list with all shops they could get candy from. It started at 10am and was supposed to last to 1pm.

Pretty soon some stores ran out of sweets and obviously some parents started complaining. But ur girls had the time of their lives saying TRICK OR TREAT and counting their sugary treasures.

Their faces lit up everytime they received something and I found it so nicely that some stores decided to give away little toys rather than candy.

Me and my friend had bags of treats with us just in case things go wrong. We wanted to make memories and start creating a tradition amongst us as families.

Our daughters are addicted to each other and we would love for them to grow up together as best friends.

I would love for Ruby to have her amazing friend all the way and also little baby Kevin who we took with us as my friends was moving house.

Having an 11 month old baby trick or treating along with the girls was actually so much fun and it made me realise just how important it is to have friends all the way.

I had little one for the day and I am so gad as I feel like we are bonding together more than ever. He’ll soon be one and I remember still the day he was born and I can feel the emotion of cutting the cord and my friend holding him in her arms for the first time.

Our Halloween this year was a full house and God, I felt so rich and empowered seeing children playing and laughing together and also talking and sharing life with my friends.

How was your Trick or Treat this year and what did you go as?

I have to admit I went as a mom of two :)) and loved my outfit.

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