I am not writing this post in one of my happy moments. On the contrary. I am in bed, still wearing my pajamas and sipping on Lemsip while blowing my nose annoyingly loud and binge watching on Netflix. But even under these circumstances I couldn’t help but thinking: WHAT MAKES THIS MAMA HAPPY?

There are numerous things I take for granted and don’t appreciate at their true value and maybe I should work on that one and write a post about things I am grateful for as well (one thing a day or something).

Let’s take a moment here and think hard on this one.


I love the smell of coffee in the morning, the way it does it’s trick and saves me from tiredness, sadness and all bad things in the world. Coffee MAKES ME HAPPY. If you don’t quite feel this and don’t believe me I should tell you the story of “while in Paris…” desperately looking for a Starbucks or any place where I could get a take away coffee. Closest I found was a plastic cup with no lid, almost melting from the heat of the filter coffee that resembled dirty water and made me literally sit down on the pavement and cry in defeat (maybe that is why french people never drink take away coffee)


I know. It’s silly and to the border of insanity but there is something about squireles that touches my heart and always makes me smile. I see them in the morning running up and down the tree in front of my living room or in the park chasing each other and my heart lifts. I suddenly see life in a brighter light and feel free and ready to conquer the world.


I am a proper book nerd (read my blog BOOK NERD CAFE). I live in the world of books and they make me happy. I can always escape reality by reading and I don’t see anything wrong in that although some might say I am not adult enough for thinking this way. I love books, I never have enough books and I love discovering new titles. Now I got my kindle paperwhite I am even happier as I am building a proper library without stressing about space (this doesn’t mean I am giving up on paperback – the smell of it is just to be bottled)


Yes, the mamas that keep it real and help me not losing it. The mamas that are with me and understand me completely. The ones I am myself around and I can call my child a little asshole around without being judged. These people make me happy because they support me, understand me and I can always rely on them without being asked why my text reply came hours later


YES. White wine. To be more specific without any adverts of any sorts (although I would love them so send me some complimentary) I always drink BAREFOOT PINOT GRIGIO. Cheers to all mamas who get me here. That moment when I made it safely to bed time, I kiss my daughter’s cheeks and breath happily …. heaven!!!! Put my feet up and sip a glass …this makes me happy and I won’t hide it.


I know it sounds cliche and boring but yes. My daughter makes me happy. She challenges me on daily basis, she tests my patience and sanity but in spite of it all she MAKES ME HAPPY. I cannot imagine my life without her and those tiny arms around my neck giving me “all the kisses, all the cuddles” are just pure joy. She gives me strength and she puts a smile on my face even in my darkest moments.

These are the things that make me happy and if you asking yourself why I did not say anything about money… well… they would make me so so happy, especially if they would take the form of a house but these are material things we all work for.

What makes you happy?


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