It was a full weekend with a lovely kids park run followed by a barbecue at my friend’s house and an Easter trail hunt today. I got soaked while looking for clues πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Somehow, right now I find myself alone in the park, sitting on a bench, watching people pass by and crying my heart out

I am just broken and I don’t know if all pieces can actually be put together again …

There is no going back from this. The simple fact that I actually left my house so I won’t say things says a lot. I am a ticking bomb and exploding is not something I want to do. Not now nor ever

I am blessed and I am cursed. I am strong but oh, so weak. I absolutely hate myself and no. I am not a victim nor am I looking for attention but I feel like if I speak to someone right now I will not be able to control my crying and will let it all out without being able to stop. I just want to vent in here because it seems so much easier

I need to get back but I don’t want to

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