I have been chasing PBs and comparing to some very experienced runners since I started, back in 2020. I never thought I am a good runner but I wanted to be there, next to my friends, the ones who started running 10-15 years ago.

It all starts from my deepest desire to be the best at whatever I do. When I joined this amazing runners community, I known nothing about it. I always thought it’s enough to just put a pair of trainers on and just go. Well, my numerous injuries proved me the opposite. Running is not easy. You don’t just go! You need to mix it up with some strength training, some yoga or pilates for those much needed stretches. You need to listen to your body. Some days you go and break your records and maybe get that extra mile in and other days you are dreading it. You can barely catch your breath and it all seams like a failure. Well, it’s not! You went out there, you done it! You moved your body instead of wallowing in self pity on the sofa munching on crisps. Be proud of that. You have done more than nothing and that is something

One of my friends, the one who actually got me into running, told me one day that the time doesn’t matter! The feeling you get post run is the most important! 1km is the same distance no matter if you ran it in 4 min/ 5 min or 8 min. She told me to just enjoy the scenery, think of how blessed I am to be able to do this and to always remember that I am doing it for myself. For my health, my body and mind! She also told me NEVER REGRET A RUN! And this …. keeps me going on those hard days when I am trying to convince myself not to go out! I run and I smile, I am trying to catch my breath admiring the trees and the beauty of nature, I keep going while I plan my week ahead, I keep going while I tell myself that there is no competition and I am a runner even if sometimes I walk a bit. There is no definition for a runner.

Go out! Enjoy nature! Run/Jog/Walk …. breath in the fresh air and let your body relax! Smile and think how blessed you are

4 thoughts on “never regret a run

  1. Yes indeed, running is difficult and it can feel defeating at first, especially when those injuries start stacking up. Like everything else, it’s about the journey. Even “bad” runs make us stronger.

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