We finally had sunshine 🌞 in here so we decided to spend the day out in the woods, walking around and taking in the much needed Vitamin D

Little one had such a great time exploring and taking beautiful pictures


I feel so lucky to have such amazing parks and nature reserve close by. It’s so refreshing and energising


Thank God for spring!

I hope you are all well. We definitely had a blessed day and hope to have many more from now on

I struggled again with my anxiety that crept on me all of a sudden and refused to leave. It’s difficult when this happens but 🀞one day I will learn to deal with it. Sometimes a run is the best remedy, other times it’s just coffee and a good book and then , there are times when nothing seems to work no matter what I try

I started meditation. I don’t see a difference as today was only the second day and I only had ten minute sessions. It’s too soon to tell

In the mean time, here’s some more pictures from today cause I can’t help myself


Tomorrow is the big day for my little bug. She is taking in the virtual Where’s Wally race. She’s run for 5k raising money for disadvantaged children in the UK. It is a National Literacy Trust fundraiser and everything goes into their amazing cause


I want also to say a massive thank you to all who donated for the National Literacy Trust You can follow the link here to donate ❀️

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