I am known to be an incredible book nerd and there are few days a year when I don’t get the chance to sit down and read. It is my coping mechanism, my escape from worries, my way if traveling different times and places

My daughter got this from me and she loves her books.

Couple of months ago I heard about the National Literacy Trust and what they do, I heard about their annual fun run and how many amazing things they do. They are dedicated to raising literacy levels across the UK. They work to improve the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in the UK’s most disadvantaged communities, where one in three people have low levels of literacy.

During the initial school closures in 2020, 3 in 5 children and young people said that reading made them feel better. 3 in 10 said that reading helped them when they feel sad because they cannot see their family and friends.

Because low literacy is intergenerational, the National Literacy Trust focuses their work on families, young people and children

Last year 268,490 children received support through their programmes and activities

196,161 free books were gifted through the programmes and community-based activity, including during lockdown

The new Family Zone platform helped 400,000 parents support their children’s literacy during the COVID-19 lockdown.
97% of teachers who took part in the Literacy for Learning programme said it improved their understanding of disciplinary literacy.

Because of all these and many more reasons, me and my daughter decided to take part in the 2022 Where’s?Wally virtual race. I will run 10k and my 6 year old daughter will run 5k


We opened a fundraising page through Just Giving and we hope to raise as much money as we can I. Order to help more children receive the support much needed

Anyone’s help is so welcomed. To donate you can follow the link https://bit.ly/3MafU79 Also, just sharing the link with others is a massive help, getting us out there and being able to have more impact towards raising awareness and much needed funds for the children in need

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