I can’t believe I haven’t been around in almost a year. I got no clue how time passed. Been through another lockdown (four four months), online classes and homework that made me pull my hair out, a meniscus injury that kept me away from running for more than four months (still in therapy but I can walk and run now), I turned 41 (another lockdown birthday celebrated with a long walk in the local woods)

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions. I had crazy levels of anxiety (mostly when I couldn’t do any type of physical activity) but there were beautiful and happy times as well.

I am raising a five year old who resembles more with a teenager judging by attitude but I still find it fascinating and joyful most times (I do lose my sh.. sometimes and feel like fighting a losing battle). She is starting Year 1 in September and I am facing different type of emotions. We are still to go uniform shopping together and get school shoes. She is so excited about it stating that she is a big girl now because she is going to big girl school and it’s all about learn, learn, learn and no play time

My interest has been mostly on Instagram lately where I am posting regularly my love for books and everything book related. My little account is growing slowly and I am excited to say that I am collaborating with some publishing houses and receiving ARCs to review (might not seem much but it is for me)

I haven’t been out much due to the current situation and I have to admit that I miss a holiday so much, not to mention my family. I haven’t seen my dad in three years and it hurts like Hell. Fingers crossed I get to travel in October.

All this pandemic made me lose my interest in lots of things and every time I tried to sit down and write something, words just didn’t come out. I had zero inspiration and couldn’t even think of something I could write and be of interest to anyone

I decided to get the jab so am now fully vaccinated. I can’t say that it makes me feel safer. I still wear a facemask where needed and try to stay away from crowded places. In the same time I crave normality and want to have the freedom of walking down the street without getting anxious. And, most certainly I do not want to go through another lockdown. It is mentally draining and I feel like I had enough of it

I got some time off work starting tomorrow so hopefully, I will get back on my writing and start posting more regularly. Oh, forgot to mention …. I’ve never been much of a gym girl preferring to have my home workouts but I am now. I love classes and feel so much more motivated. I am slowly getting back into running and I am hoping to be able to do a 10k by the end of the year. Will start doing some occasional park runs and hopefully that will help. Have I mentioned I developed a proper Sweaty Betty addiction? Well, it’s bad …. wish I won the Lottery so I can get myself every single item on their collections

On another note, I am in need of some lovely autumn boots …. no heels as I can’t do the walking anymore. Wish I wore high heels without problems like I once did. Any ideas are welcomed πŸ™‚

Hope everyone has been well. Let me know what’s going on with you and drop by to say hello so I know you haven’t forgotten me

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