OMG! OMG! OMG! I am a school mum!

My little peanut said bye bye to her nursery and all the amazing ladies who know her since she was eight months old and embraced a new world. She started reception. New teachers, new children and a completely new challenge in her life

I have to say that even from the start she was happy and eager to make new friends and get to meet the teachers.

Although she only started a week ago, I can already notice changes in her. She is more outgoing, a bit braver and demanding when it comes to doing all things by herself. Only thinking about it makes me sigh and shed a tear. Wearing her uniform makes her look like a little grownup. Not to mention the way she started using certain words she hasn’t used before, articulating her needs and wants without fear. She loves school. Let’s see for how long baring in mind it’s every day and they already get homework. We receive it on a Thursday and have to hand it in by the following Tuesday.


I understand homework and I am happy they are starting from reception as it will get her into a routine so from year one she won’t struggle. What frustrated me a bit was the fact that her first homework was done entirely by her opposed to the other children who’s parents went above and beyond to create the sparkliest, most crafty and informed piece of paper. I mean, it’s the child who needs to do the homework and not the parent. It’s supposed to be a child’s view on the subject given and not the parents. I cried at home thinking her homework is the poorest of them all because I didn’t have an input in it and I need to up my game.

I don’t understand the need to show off as a parent. I don’t want my child to get further in school and be asked what is 5 plus 7 and her to answer: “mummy will tell you!”. I want her to think for herself, to act upon her desires and to be creative on her own. I will most certainly help her whenever she will need me but I swear I will never do her homework sipping wine on a Friday evening while she is asleep. That’s not who I am and that’s not who my daughter is. And if she won’t get her stickers for recognition I will throw a fit because the other day asked me to buy her some stickers because she didn’t get one in school.

On a positive she did get a sticker yesterday. For being patient and kind. And she came home telling me that she is so happy and I am her superstar because I told her always to be patient and kind. OMG! Tears again and I am choking. Not to mention how I am gloating πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “HELLO SCHOOL YEARS

  1. Oh dear, your post give makes remember those years and I couldn’t help to feel a bit sad. Now I have a high schooler and almost a middle schooler, so obviously I am far away from that time that I saw my kids going to school for the first time. Time flies dear, the only thing I can say to any mommy is β€œenjoy until the last minute β€œ because in a blink of an eye they are gone!!! Good luck with your peanut, she is precious and brave, I am sure you guys will be ok. Let’s be mommy friends!! Shall we 😊

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