Just two weeks ago I lost my grandmother. She was my last grandparent alive and the news hit me so hard. I was frustrated because I am miles away and couldn’t even travel for the funeral and be with my family in those hard times.

She would have turned ninety this year and I was so looking forward to take my daughter and go see her and spend some precious time together. God had different plans. He took her to Him so she can meet with my grandfather in Heaven. She suffered in hospital for over a week and honestly speaking, in a way I felt relieved when she went. She was in pain and over half of her brain was inundated with blood. I felt peace that night for the first time in a long time and I like to think that she is just watching over me.

Sitting on the sofa thinking of her, something just materialized. I decided to join a monthly challenge in order to raise funds for CANCER RESEARCH. My mother’s father died years ago. He suffered with lung cancer and doctors discovered it when it was way too late for any type of help. My grandfather suffered immensely and it tore me to pieces to see him struggle like that. I live with the regret of not getting to him in time for a last embrace. We spoke over the phone on a Sunday and we promised to see each other the following Tuesday. Only, he couldn’t wait no more. That Monday night he flew to Heaven.

I realised I never done anything to get this off my chest and it’s been killing me from time to time. Now, I have decided to raise funds for Cancer Research in memory of my grandfather. This way I can honor him and maybe help towards easing others pain.


All throughout the month of June I will run/walk/jog ten thousand steps per day and my goal is to raise over Β£150 that will go towards Cancer Research. Just check out my page and if you would like, please donate and help me to help others

8 thoughts on “MY FIRST FUNDRAISER

  1. This is a beautiful post. I’m so sorry for your loss. I can certainly understand that feeling of peace. It’s not easy to say goodbye, but it’s often worse to see loved ones in such horrific pain. Thinking about you, friend. Best of luck on your fundraiser. ❀

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    I’ll keep my thoughts short because Alina’s post is a beautiful one. We’ve all been impacted by cancer, whether thru ourselves or thru a loved one. If you are able, please donate to this very worthy cause. ❀

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  3. Girl, I know what you are going thru. I have been there. My grandmother battled lung cancer and lost. It’s not easy to watch it happen. I’m also an advocate for Relay for Life. So I am with you! ❀

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