If there is one thing that I miss right now is FREEDOM. I miss waking up in the morning and planning an entire outdoor day for my daughter. Going to the shopping center, stopping for a coffee and a fresh juice and doughnut for her; going in the park and walking freely everywhere, smiling at people and petting the friendly dogs. I miss the choices we had. I miss the times when we were undecided and just went out the house to wherever our steps will take us. I miss taking her to the dance class and her little tutu skirt bouncing up and down while she would run to me smiling and telling me all about her class and how she was the leader and everyone followed her doing ballet moves.

I miss going outside without having to settle on the bit of green across the road – a bit of green that I never actually stepped on before and never took the time to admire or acknowledge as a matter of fact. I miss going to the movies and to Starbucks. I miss the sun on my face while I walk, without being so self conscious of social distancing, old people disregarding the bare minimum of rules, lock down and death. I miss having the freedom to book a holiday or a trip to see my parents. I miss seeing my friends and hugging them. I miss out coffees together talking about everything and nothing, supporting and encouraging each other. I miss the craziness of the play grounds and watching my little one happy going down the slide and jumping up and down; I miss our paddling pools and the picnics on the grass in the park allowing the kids to run free wherever they would like; trying to catch bugs and butterflies.

I miss taking the train with my daughter, going to museums, Zoo, Aquarium and all kids attractions out there. I miss seeing her curious face discovering so many wonders. I even miss taking the train in the mornings to go work. I miss my work place and the noise and the people who would so much annoy me on regular basis. Damn, I even miss the entitled madams who think talking down is a must in their own world – I hope they learned a lesson during these times and got off their high horse.

I think, all in all, I miss the normality of things. I miss being a person in a free world. I miss the little things that are so simple. I miss going to the supermarket and walk freely through the aisles and picking up everything I need in one go. I miss my online grocery shopping and not going crazy indoors. I miss the normality of just being myself. I miss traveling back and forth to kids parties and I miss the Uber trips and OMG, I never thought I would actually say this ever but I do miss a good old double cheeseburger and a big portion of fries from McDonald’s.

I could talk about it all day and night but no point. I want to say I miss coming home and rubbing my feet, complaining about the pain from so much walking. I miss walking my twenty thousand steps out and about. I find myself some days not knowing what to do around the house although my four year old keeps me on my toes. There is so much tidying up and so much washing and cleaning to do but also I am an early raiser so after all is done I just look out the window wishing it was all back to normal. Sometimes I even like to think it was all a bad dream and I just woke out of it smiling and feeling all that freedom in my heart waiting to burst and make me scream with joy.


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