What better day to bullet point than my daughter’s birthday? I wished we could have given her the party she has been dreaming of and the unicorn cake with a rainbow and a princess on it, the Charlie and Lola book and have all her friends over but, unfortunately, we had to settle for a lock down celebration.

We woke up a bit after six am asking me if she is four today and how did she become four in her sleep at which point I fell the need for some caffeine so we can kick start the day.

We got changed from our PJs and made sure she will brush her teeth and have some breakfast so we can open presents right after food.

After we tidied up, we opened presents and seeing her beautiful face light up made me so happy. In spite of the current situation, we still had friends sending over presents by post. Some arrived in time and others are still to be delivered as parcels got delayed over the long Easter weekend.

  • After unwrapping the presents I wrapped last night, we decided to take a walk and have some pictures with the new camera she got
my little photographer @alinabarac
  • We stopped by the green grocers to grab some fresh fruits and veggies and came back home, determined to eat some birthday cake (after lunch, obviously). Ruby wanted cake before lunch but I decided that not even her special day won’t make it a good excuse.
Unicorn cake for the bday girl @alinabarac
  • We managed to eat only a bit of the cake as it was so sweet we needed about three glasses of water and two lemons to wash it down. The best solution for me was actually a second coffee as by the time I was already feeling tired after my six am wake up.
  • We played a lot today and did lots of coloring with the Crayola set she received from her best friend.
crayola funny faces @alinabarac
  • Taking a break from all the drawing, we moved forward to the new make up set and arranged each other like professionals. Lock down or not, who doesn’t need a bit of color on their eyes and cheeks?
she done my make up @alinabarac
  • Whenever she gave signals of getting bored I knew what she actually wanted because I wanted the same. LOTS OF KISSES AND CUDDLES because they are the best any time of the day
mother/daughter love @alinabarac

It is now about 4pm and we are chilling and playing with balloons. It will soon come to dinner, bath and bed time – for Ruby that is. I will curl myself on the sofa with a glass of wine and reminisce the past four year and especially the day she was born, get emotional and decide on watching a very cheesy, girly movie.

Tomorrow we find out what school she will be attending in September and I am a bit anxious about it. Fingers crossed it will be the one we opted for.


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