There are so many words of wisdom that speak to me in different moments and times, depending in how I feel. Somehow, out of all, I remember back in the days when my life was ran by TV deadlines and news, I had a boss I didn’t like much. I respected him but his presence annoyed me so much. In spite of it all, one day when I was struggling with an employee who wasn’t doing her job properly he told me this: “GIVE PEOPLE THE POWER AND YOU SEE THEIR TRUE CHARACTER” – and so instead of firing her, he promoted her. I was fuming and I couldn’t understand his move. I was now having an equal who was unprofessional and also an attitude that nobody found attractive in any way, not to mention she was having the liberty of taking days of on my expense, living me to pick up the extra work.

I hated my boss in that moment but in a month time the recently promoted colleague turned into an old employee as she was fired on grounds of indiscipline and lack of knowledge on her new role. These being said, the boss in question took me out for a coffee and reminded me his previous words. He said to me: do you understand why I did what I did? Do you get my words now? Never forget them and whenever in your life you find yourself test people’s character like this. And it is something I could never forget.

“THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN YOUR LIFE IS YOU” – when I first heard these words I said to myself: this sounds quite selfish. I mean it only teaches you to care about yourself and not to look at the ones around. As I grew older I understood these words differently. Of course I am the most important person in my life. If I am happy, my family and friends are happy; if I am healthy I have the strength to take care of those who need me; if I am rich I can give and help others. Being positive helps me to see life in a beautiful light and guide others towards the same attitude. If I love myself, I allow others to love me back for who I am.

These are the two quotes that speak to me most times and help me find strength and succeed in life, be true to myself and others around me.

What are the words of wisdom that speak to you?


  1. These words are inspiring and they are so true. I love the one that says, β€œthe most important person in your life is you,” because sometimes I believe we spend too much doing for others that we forget that we ourselves are important. Thanks for sharing this. ❀

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