Like I mentioned in my previous post, I decided to take a step forward and take the #AprilWritingChallenge . What does it mean? I have to write a post every day during the month of April and every single post will reveal more and more things about myself. I thought it as a wonderful idea as a) I don’t need to look for subjects to write about, b) it takes my mind off corona related news, c) helps my followers to get to know me better, d) I think it might help me as well with certain things I forgot

On today’s post I am to write ten things that make me really happy. Before I sat down I thought to myself that this is a piece of cake. I can definitely find so many things that make me happy but then I decided to take the more profound approach and not make it all about material things that I am very fond of.


  • MY DAUGHTER – she is definitely the best thing that ever happened to me and she makes me really happy every single moment of my life. I still remember the day she was born and just how surreal everything was. I remember her perfect face, those tiny fingers and that full head of hair. She grew up to be a very independent four year old and she lightens my day even when she proves to be so damn difficult because she wants to do everything by herself and it takes ages for the simplest of tasks. I love this little girl with all my heart and she is number one on my happy list
  • BAKING – I am no expert in the art of baking but this is one activity that brings me so much joy and takes away all anxiety. I recently discovered it and am so proud to say that I did manage to bake some beautiful and very delicious deserts without burning down the kitchen. It also fills my heart when I see my friends enjoying the things I make.
  • BOOKS – this is no secret. I am obsessed with books and reading ever since I was a child and I am so proud that my daughter is a little nerd like me. Books make me escape and travel worlds I’ve never been and this makes me really happy. I could not imagine my life without books and everyone who knows me, can definitely tell you that my bag has always a book inside. I can’t read multiple books in the same time and I don’t do audio books but I have been converted to Kindle recently (although I will never give up paperbacks)
  • SUNSHINE – living in UK makes you crave sun and probably that is why this is one of the things that make me so happy. I love the sun in my eyes, I love sitting outside and feeling its warmth on my skin, I love a book and a coffee in the sun. I love the sunshine with all my being and I miss it so much
  • WRITING – I love writing even since I was a teenager trying to write very bad poetry. I started writing journal after journal and later I started a blog. I was writing in my mother tongue and when I moved to UK I found it so difficult to think in a language and speak a different one. I think this was the most difficult thing when it came to my moving. Later on, when I had my daughter, I started this blog and last year, for the love of books I decided to write a specific blog containing only book reviews and book related articles (BOOK NERD CAFE in case you have a thing for books)
  • MY FAMILY – it sounds strange as we all know just how difficult families can be but in spite of everything, they do make me happy. They are loud and sometimes stress over things you cannot control but I can’t imagine my life without them. We don’t speak every day, we don’t see each other very often (specially as I live in a different country) but we make each other happy
  • FREEDOM – I am one independent person who loves her freedom. Sometimes too much I could say. It makes me happy to know I am not restricted by people or things in my life. It makes me happy to know I can travel, walk, love and live my life the way I choose to. Freedom is such an important aspect of our lives and thinking of the current global situation, makes me treasure it even more. The fact that I don’t have the freedom to meet my closest ones, the fact that I don’t have the freedom to even celebrate my daughter’s birthday in a public place, the fact that I do not have the freedom to go to work, travel or even have a coffee outside makes me feel angry. I love freedom and it makes me happy. I love freedom of speech, freedom of choice, movement and all freedom related human rights.
  • THE BEACH – oh, how happy the beach can make me! The sea, the sand, the burning sun on my skin …. nothing can give me the same feeling, the same joy. I love closing my eyes and listening to the waves and all voices mixed in one around me. I smile and I feel lifted, I feel energized and in love.
  • FRIENDS – I am lucky to have amazing few friends in my life. They are always there for me and always make sure I am OK. The fact that I have them makes me happy and blessed. Even though, some I get to see rarely, I know they are there and they know I am here for them day and night. The fact that we can count on each other and make each other laugh in our darkest moment is what I call happiness
  • LOVE – being loved and loving in return is definitely something tat makes me really happy. What can be more beautiful than experiencing love – unconditional and raw. Nothing can bring someone more joy than being loved. No matter if we speak of motherly/fatherly love, love for a partner, why not, love for a pet … it is felt with all one’s heart and it can only bring joy

These are few of the things that bring happiness into my life but not the only ones. I have to mention music, working out, never ending walks in the park, my readers, wine and flowers. I would be so happy one day having my own house with a big garden and lots of flowers to take care of.



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