Someone told me to just write a post every day in a journal or on the blog because we live through history and all this would be so precious. I haven’t thought about it but honestly, it all makes sense and in ten or fifteen years from now my daughter would read about it and hopefully, it will give her a more in depth notion of the current situation.

So, this is my Thursday post and most probably, on a random day I wouldn’t write anything but the things we achieved are pretty cool and worth to be remembered. We woke up around seven as usual and I had my coffee while cuddling my little one and trying to figure out what she wants for breakfast. I wanted to time it all so at nine am we could join the other eight hundred thousand households doing a live workout with #PEWithJoe . This is no joke guys. The workout is proper and not a walk in the park to entertain children. It can be done by adults as well and trust me when I tell you, you will sweat and you will feel it. I try to do around five workouts per week and I was tired by the end.


It was half hour well spent and it energized us both, not to mention we giggled every time we bumped into each other. She also high fived me at the end and said: “WELL DONE, MATE!”

I am trying to keep her entertained and also play educational games, have fun and don’t get annoyed with each other so on that note, I had to let her be for a bit. She stated that she wants to play in her room and she doesn’t need me this time (isn’t that a dream?) I said it’s fine but I couldn’t help but spy on her to check what was she up to. BLESS HER HEART!!! In the light of all going on around, she does hear news and praises for the NHS so she was playing doctor fixing hearts and giving her dollies vaccines to feel better

After lunch we went outside on the green for a bit and ran around picking leaves, daisy flowers, acorns and sticks and also having a wonderful chat with the ants crossing the road. Sounds so cute when she does it. Watch me asking ants how are they feeling today and if they are hungry. Lucky with this social distancing, otherwise one would thing I completely lost the plot.

We didn’t stay long as we noticed two neighbors trying to have a conversation while keeping the distance. I took her with the bicycle around the building once and that was out one exercise a day outside.

Getting back in I had to deal with a hyper toddler, disappointed as well as we did’t go ice cream shop or to her friend house. We played a bit of Lego and thank God Disney + came to UK. We just sat on the sofa with a bowl of fruits and watched Pinocchio, cuddling and kissing, me grateful for we are healthy and she …. happy I promised I will allow her fifteen minutes to do some coloring on the tablet


And because she misses her friends in pre school and keeps asking about them, we had a video call with one of them. Was hard to have a conversation with the mum but at least the little monkeys had fun making silly faces and showing each other’s bedrooms. Also Ruby promised to make a drawing for her friend and send it to her house.


Real work of art for a four year old I might add :)) Also, so sweet hearing their innocent conversations ad hear their giggles.

Now, as I am writing, I am flicking through Netflix to fins a movie and unwind with a glass of wine because I deserve it. I guess not much changes when you are a parent, on lock down or not.


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