I am not a make up expert (by far). I keep experimenting with products and always stare at the flawless faces around me wondering what are they doing to look like that.

This post refers to all you out there who are not professionals and just to be clear, I am only sharing my humble opinion regarding things that I noticed, work wonders on my face. I have tested so many products looking for that natural glow and somehow I always got the opposite. Either my foundations was too dark or light, either it looked like I was wearing a sponge on my face. There were the ones that made my face too shiny or too matte. I tried finishing powder and foundation, i tried just one or the other and somehow I never got the right amount.

However, reaching forty made me more pragmatic and reticent when it comes to make up. So, I researched, read reviews and tried samples. I gave up on foundation completely as well

Here are the products that I literally cannot live without.


When it comes to powders I either use MAC studio fix for Β£27 – lasted me three months (use a very good moisturizer before applying) or MICAbeauty mineral powder for Β£49 – it is expensive but lasts forever, you can remix your shade after finishing and also I never re apply during the day (also you need a good moisturizer before applying)

After applying my powder I do my eyebrows and am obsessed with GIMME BROW+ from Benefit. It costs Β£22.50 but always wait for sale. It gives my eyebrows volume and also a natural look and color. No need for a tint, powder or pencil.

When it comes to mascara I have been using the same one for years now and that is the Luxurious Lashes from KIKO. It lasts for ages and it’s only Β£7.49 full price or Β£5 on sale. I always stock up.

My natural glow comes from BENEFIT and I use HOOLA bronzer and COOKIE highlighter They are a bit pricey as well, bronzer goes for Β£14 the mini version and highlighter for Β£27 but if you get them on sale you save a lot. Plus, they last you for such a long time you don’t even feel the spending in your pocket.


And lastly, when it comes to my lips I use the same line for years and that is the Urban Decay comfort matte. For a very natural look I use the lip liner in RUSH shade and the BACKTALK lipstick. Even if I eat, I don’t have to worry because my lipstick is always in place. If I want 24h lasting lips I will only use the pencil. Also, I for a shiny and healthy look I sometimes use the LIP CONDITIONER HYDRATANT from MAC


Here they are. My all time favourite products that help me get a natural look nice and easy, not to mention so so quick as I don’t have enough free time for a mirror.


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