I always wanted another child but sadly it didn’t happen. I am close to all my friend’s children and love them and spoil them as much as I can. Some even call me “my second mummy” or “my adoptive mother” and I love it

We go to the park on Fridays after school and I always grab extra snacks and make sure each and every child has what they like. My daughter loves this little spoil as she is very close to all children and it’s such a beautiful feeling watching them all grow under my eyes

Scrolling Facebook one day last year I noticed a post about the possibility of opening a junior park run in our local park. It sounded like such a great idea as I used to run every Sunday with my daughter and some of the children and we grabbed a coffee and a cookie at the coffee shop after.

I quickly replied to the post and said that I would be so happy if we had a regular event for our children in the area and was contacted by one of the Park Run ambassadors and we arranged a meeting.

Lots of back and forth later took us to this year when everything seemed to be aligning. I got to gather a team of 6 run directors (3 of them bailed me right before the launch) and spoke with lots of the school mums who love running. We measured a course, submitted the request to our local council and got the approval πŸŽ‰

We bought the equipment and had the required training. As the launch day got closer, my anxiety went over the roof. I kept doubting myself. I kept wondering what if I am not good enough? What if I fail? What if I don’t know what to do? It was a lot of pressure as it’s an important event and it means so much to me. I wanted everything to be perfect and I wanted everyone to be happy

19th of March was Mother’s Day and event number 1 of Cassiobury Juniors park run

We had 63 children taking part and having so much fun! Turns out I was good enough to do it. I choked during my welcome speech and felt tears coming. They were tears of joy and relief that I did it! I gave the start to something incredible

Seeing the little ones running and having fun was just incredible ☺️ Helping them stay healthy and fit, helping their mental health by coming every Sunday and taking part in the park run and making new friends, socialising, getting stronger … Wow ! What a feeling

I even had some tiny volunteers helping me set up the course before taking part in the event! They were the happiest, being able to do a grown up job and taking decisions in regards with where the safety comes go and if there are any hazards on the course

Event number 1 is done!

Next Sunday …. next event

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