It seems like I am writing less and less in here although I do pay for my domain yearly. Not sure about the reason. My daughter is in school so the mummy act is not in trend anymore.

I have the same job I want to ditch for years and can’t seem to find myself actually leaving … comfort, security …. say a reason and I’ll take it.

I am still into running and gym … the things that help on my mental health and the amount of books on my TBR is growing on daily basis.

I am not sure what is going on in the world anymore as I am making efforts in avoiding everything that causes me any type of anxiety. I have no clue what is in trend and I am still totally confused when it comes to the pronouns and orientations. Makes me feel old realizing that most probably I will never understand this. It’s the same as the conflict I am having with this generation, finding them over sensitive and whingy.

I don’t get the cancellation of history, authors and even Disney movies just because someone doesn’t feel comfortable with what was hundreds of years ago.

It happened, it’s part of who we were and looking back, we should see the progress we have made as society and not dwell on the past and how people were treated back then or why there were no diverse characters in Les Miserable or Gone With the Wind

Such is life. Norms just change, society should move forward and learn from mistakes. If we start cancelling everything, the only result will be going backwards towards regress, turning people into ignorants. We are already witnessing a regress.

People don’t seem to be aware of the fact that it is absolutely normal to have different opinions, it’s constructive and positive. Nobody is allowed to have a different opinion than someone else’s.

People go by “you’re either with me, either against me” – such a ridiculous concept resulting in children growing up without imagination and embracing a generation filled with frustrations, not being able to speak their own mind because “influencers” are offended

I will never embrace a generation who feels like the word “mother” should not be used as such because it bothers some minority. A mother is the one who gives birth to a child, the one who raises a child and I will never stop calling myself that.

We cannot just sit down and accept certain things just because. I am opened to change, I am pro whatever to be and call themselves any word they want. I don’t care. But the second I am made to feel that an entire society needs to bend backwards, I draw the line and say a big NO!

… and I better stop here


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