My day started like this. With a 16k run accompanied by my friend. We stopped to admire this amazing piece of nature we live in, laugh at the beautiful baby deer we’ve seen on the way and the stunning green parrots that we can’t figure out where they came from.

The sun was shining and honestly, even though we didn’t go for the best time, we had the best run. No pressure, no worry about time or distance. Just us and the nature on a very early April morning

I came home and had a quick cold shower and a stretch, had some water and a coffee and we took the little one out on an adventure

Our beautiful bug turned six on Friday and it’s been the best days ever since. We headed towards the river and the woods and she chose to catch fish with the butterfly net. It was such a joy to see her so carefree and happy, so free and content.

She didn’t care about how tired she got. She didn’t care about not actually catching or seeing any fish. She ran around, explored the surroundings and declared it all an adventure

How was your day?

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