I am a bit tired of New Year resolutions and that New Year, New me thing so this year I ditched it. I am making no plans. I set myself a goal running wise as I really want to get to do a 10k at least once for this year but I will not push myself as the previous year when I was so close and ended up with a meniscus injury and a twisted ankle

As the years pass and we get older, we realise that New Year is just another day in the calendar. Nothing actually changes overnight. We stay up late, watch the fireworks surrounded by family, friends or both. What happens after? Most go to bed and wake up with a hangover or headache, spend the first day of the year in their PJs or hit the gym, go for a run, start active and do Dry January after a month filled with food and alcohol. But in fact …. what is this but another day? Did anything physically change? Did you actually erase your past? Your mistakes? NO. We would love to. We would love to think this is another chance in life. Another chance to make things right, to find the love of our life, the perfect job and so on…. but it all actually comes from inside. This is a change that can happen any day of the year, regardless of the calendar

My mum used to smoke a lot and I remember how she always said she will quit 1st of January so she will start the year fresh. She never actually did. She would convince herself that she can quit whenever but she still enjoys a cigarette from time to time. So year after year she made this resolution and nothing changed. She hasn’t miraculously woken up without that nicotine craving. My dad quit smoking the day I was born because he wanted to and it was May 11th. He just quit. Just like that. No resolutions or anything. I used to smoke as well and one week I had this mad urge to smoke constantly and then the following week I realised I didn’t like the taste anymore and just stopped for good (I might add it’s been one of the best decisions I ever took and if I could change the past, I would never start smoking but this is another story)

I am back to work today and I look around me and see the same people sipping a Starbucks, shopping during sales, meeting friends, asking directions or just help with certain things around here. It’s just an ordinary day. They are the same and I am the same. Maybe I start thinking more of the fact that this year I am turning 42 but then again I get older every year and I start thinking what have I achieved and blah blah blah ….. nothing changes (apart from the age …. goes up every year)

Are you a New Year, New Me person?

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