It’s been around two years of having this blog and not taking care of it properly. It started as a journal, following my journey as a mother and once little R finished preschool and went to big girl school, I felt like there is not much to say

Everyone is concentrating on formulas, breastfeeding, park times, crawling, walking, weaning, teething and potty training and once all that is done, it feels like that’s it. You got a big kid and there is not much left to say, Things are not as interesting as they were supposed to be and you can just get a life and let the new mothers write about the very same thing.

Things are actually interesting still, only at a different level. Yes, I admit I have more free time than I used to and I started attending few gym classes on top of my running and I feel like I am rediscovering myself once again. I am having more time to focus on my mental health as I am taking it very seriously at the moment. I have time to read, go to work but also do chores without the company of a child who speaks non stop (I mean. She does) and asks a million questions about why a carrot is orange and why are we buying food that is not healthy (chocolate spread – although we do buy it for her so she can have her usual morning pancake with chocolate and sprinkles). But that doesn’t mean that my motherhood journey got easier. On the contrary. Since the beginning of Covid, my daughter finished preschool and reception and started Year one. Last school year was spent mostly doing online classes and submitting homework on daily basis. She missed on a lot of interaction and development.

Hopefully, this year we won’t have to go through that and she will have a full school year in school. Balancing home, work and motherhood was challenging, not to mention quite depressing. First time around I took it as an opportunity to spend time with my family but once that was over and we tried to go back to normal, I embraced it. Having to be in a second lock down wasn’t as fun and got me quite depressed. Then followed numerous isolation weeks due to cases being registered in school. Now, Year 1 is ready to finish first semester and it went quick. Quicker than expected. She adapted to a new year and with the requirements, likes her new teachers and she made lots of friends. She attends dance classes and yoga on weekly basis and enjoys them all. Now she wants to start swimming lessons as well. We will see about that as I don’t want to get her over tired. She is still a child and would love her to live her childhood accordingly.

Every time I get to write I promise to not be so absent and then my inspiration dies and there is goes, time flies again. I will not promise much but I do have some funny stories about how we learn to read and also some 5 year old drama I never knew existed

2 thoughts on “Friday ramble

  1. I always enjoy reading your updates and hearing about the little. I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself and your mental health. Us followers can patiently wait. 😘 Although, I do look forward to hearing more stories!

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