As every parent, I want my child to be better than me, do better and become someone who will change the world. At least this what I told my daughter the day she was born. That and also that she is just perfect. I think she did listen to me in her first hour of life as she is not modest at all and keeps reminding me how smart and beautiful she is.

There are lots of things I want her to learn in life and honestly, I am the one who prefers her to learn her own lessons and become who she is meant to be, without me pushing her one direction or another. Of course, I want to protect her my entire life and if possible I would love her not to fall and hurt herself, I would like her not to go so fast on the scooter or bicycle but then again …. how is she to learn otherwise?

Today I am supposed to write about things I want my daughter to learn from me but I want to tell you something. I am not sure I want her to learn from me and be like me. I actually want her to learn how not to be like me. On this note I would love my daughter HOW TO SAY NO – I would love for her to know what she wants and not do things she doesn’t want to do. I would be a very proud mother if she would not become a people pleaser, if she would just say her opinion without being afraid that to be different

I would love my daughter to grow up fearless – be adventurous, don’t be afraid of failure like her mama (probably 90% of the things I haven’t achieved in life are on account of being scared); never give up on her dreams and believing she matters. After all, I did tell her she will change the world and I still believe she is going to do great things in the future. Also, I would like to tell her DON’T SETTLE – finish your studies, become whoever you want in life but never settle – be the best of who you are. Don’t settle in a relationship and don’t settle in a job. Be ambitious and strive for perfection (I know there is no perfection but you can get damn close to it).

There are lost of things I would tell her not to do or try but in the same time, let her figure it out. I can only say that I try to be very active and healthy and I would love her to grow up with this example, grow up knowing just how important health is to her and if I could give her some advice on that, I would say stay away from smoking of any sort – cigarettes or electronic. It is a filthy and deadly habit that doesn’t actually make you any cooler.

Another aspect of life that is important is being kind and I look at her and I know it’s in there. She is such a good child with a very big heart. She is capable of incredible things and I only hope that she won’t change here. I want her to grow up to be kind and to be surrounded by friends. I want her to be a good friend, honest and true, loyal and loving.

On a different not, please don’t wear those horrible tracksuit trousers with an incredible high waist and a make that show every crack and crease in your body.


  1. These are really valuable lessons every child needs. You’re going great at parenting which is no small job. Your children are blessed to have a wise mother πŸ€—


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