Oh, where do I start? πŸ™‚ It makes me laugh only when I think of those times when I was dreaming of a celebrity. Sometimes I would fantasize meeting them and what would I say, how would I act or what will they say to me πŸ™‚ Hilarious!

I think my first celebrity crush was DAVID GAHAN , the lead singer of Depeche Mode that was my favorite band of all times as well.

I remember how I was desperate to grab the big shoes they were wearing and the white jeans Dave wore in his 101 Pasadena Concert and the belt. OMG! I would watch clips and videos and concerts like a stalker. I had a journal where I wrote abut him and I was collecting magazine articles and my bedroom walls and door were filled with posters. I knew all songs and was up to date with every single detail of his life.

Growing up, it sort of became a type that I was looking for. I think most my boyfriends back then had to be either fans of Depeche Mode or look like David Gahan a bit.

Then I grew up and probably another crush I had was KEANU REEVES

Oh, watching him in Point Break next to Patrick Swayze or in Sweet November with Charlize Theron, Matrix and Constantine or John Wick lately. He is one of the celebrities I admire as well not only good looking. His kindness and his down to Earth personality make me love him even more and I will always watch all his movies because I still have a crush on him :))

Last but not least is probably Matthew McConaughey

He is not the best looking celebrity out there but I think his amazing roles and his unique voice make him more attractive than loads of other stars. I try and watch all his movies and yes, if there are articles about him I do read them but I try to be more down to Earth than in my teenage years and just select the information with reason.


  1. “Alright, alright, alright,” in my Matthew McConaughey’s voice. I love this man in movies, and I totally forgotten about him. Awesome selections. ❀


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