I woke up late this morning and messed up my day a bit. 1. I love waking up early so I can finish most chores by eleven and enjoy a second coffee while getting ready for child activities. I remembered about April Writing Challenge and realised I had no clue what was all about and quickly sat at the table and checked it out. I was staring at today’s subject and my brain literally emptied for a while. I thought: are there thirty actual facts about me? What shall I write? What is considered a valuable fact? But as you can see, I already found the first and it’s as accurate as it can get. I do like to wake up first thing in the morning. Now, let’s see other “interesting” facts about myself.

2. I cannot start my day without coffee – I am proper addicted to caffeine and I can’t function without it. Even when my daughter was tiny, I used to wake up and make coffee and milk in the same time

3. I am turning 40 this year – OMG!!!!!!

4. I have two younger brothers – one is 11 months younger and the baby one is nine years younger than I am (although the word baby is not quite suited for his stature)

5. I am 5’9 tall– or 175 cm if that is easier for someone. It is for me. I grew up with centimeters and meters but I need to get used to the UK measuring system

6. I used to be a TV producer – I have done news and live shows and E&R shows and loved every single day of it although it consumed me so much

7. I started my job in TV at the age of 20 – I was almost twenty actually and I remember I had no clue about anything

8. I moved countries on my own at the age of thirty – 31 to be more precise. I packed a small suitcase and my laptop and boarded a plain with a one way ticket to London, knowing for sure that that was were I belonged

9. My natural hair is actually a very dark brown – lots of people who met me in Uk can’t actually imagine that my hair is not blonde but yeas, I had it died black from teenage years up to after I moved to UK. First went fifty shades of red and slowly I settled for blonde as it does help cover the grey hairs

10. I am addicted to books – I buy books and read books like a mad person. If I could read all the books in the world I would be a happy person.

11. I have a book blog – about a year ago I started writing book reviews and decided that a blog would be best suited rather than an Instagram account (book_nerd_cafe is my ID) but I do have both

12. I only drink one type of wine – at least about 95% of the times. I love Pinot Grigio White Barefoot wine so much that it’s actually the only one you can find in my house. I love it

13. I don’t drink fizzy drinks – I used to drink coke for years but since I moved to UK I gave up on anything fizzy for some reason. I just didn’t like it anymore. I prefer water any time

14. I love chocolate – if it’s Milka chocolate I can eat a full bar in five minutes without even thinking about it

15. I love flowers – outdoor, indoor flowers/plants – love them and I could surround myself in them although I am not an expert

16. I had my daughter when I was 36 – not quite a young mum here but I can say that that was the right time for me

17. I suffered two miscarriages – one of them almost killed me

18. I suffer with anxiety – some days are good and some days are bad but I try to keep it under control and use all possible techniques as I am not ready yet to face a doctor or medication

19. I love travelling – take me places, let me walk for miles and discover the little cafes and parks and museums. I think I love being a tourist

20. My first job in UK was as a waitress – a lousy one I might add. I remember those days and I smile thinking just how bad at it I was

21. I enjoy spending time with myself – I can be by myself for a very long time and never get bored. I love my company – as selfish as that might sound

22. I don’t like to talk – my friends will just roll on the floor laughing out loud at this as they all know just how sometimes I don’t shut up. But I talk about everything but myself – I don’t like sharing my feelings, I hate talking about things that I find uncomfortable or in any way different than normal – good or bad – maybe because I always loved to solve my problems on my own or… I don’t know why but I find it just impossible

23. I have seen Paris twice – and still haven’t seen it all. I would love to actually go and see a show at the Moulin Rouge; I would visit one more time Sacre Coeur and enter all the little art shops on the way crying again and again out of happiness (I feel emotional every time and imagine life at the court and all the artists writing/painting or just trying to find their inspiration down there)

24. I prefer airplanes – I rather take the plain than train or bus. I love being inside a plane. Calms me down so much

25. I am very insecure – I do hide all my insecurities and my friends know me just as I am but I have never had enough confidence to move mountains, take chances and just take a leap of faith.

26. I started writing a book – I say I started because I did. I have started writing it about eight years ago and still haven’t finish it because I am afraid of rejection and I don’t trust myself to finish it

27. I love teaching – training, teaching …. love it. When I was little I wanted to be an English teacher but ended up doing something else. But yeah, I love doing presentations and I now I am good at teaching others

28. I used to smoke – If there was one thing I could change in my life that would be: never start smoking in the first place. Such a filthy and unhealthy habit. I used to smoke for years. It was absolutely easy to quit although I always thought it would be terrifyingly difficult

29. I don’t like clubs – never liked them. I hate the noise, I hate the atmosphere and I hate crowds

30. I love long baths – hot water, lots of bubbles, music and a good book. Lock me up in there. It relaxes me quite a lot and gives me the opportunity to spend some precious ME time as we all know just how we look for it when we are parents

These are only thirty things about me and come to think about it, there are multiple others to share but it will just make this post so long and probably boring so I will just stop here and hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better


  1. It is indeed wonderful getting to know more about you. You have amazing facts. Sorry to hear about what happened to you. It happened to my sister twice as well. Take care. πŸ’œXxx

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