Anyone can actually reset 2020? Was just a thought. Years from now we will remember these times as the ones when we learned that nothing should be taken for granted. We are not guaranteed anything in life.

We live through history and we need to acknowledge just how bad we have become. We never took the time to just smell the flowers. We woke up every day stressed about a new day at work, the never ending train cancellations, money for everything, kids nurseries/schools along with fees, their education, their development, always overthinking everything, stuffing our faces with all crap we could find, abusing the occasional crisps and wines, buying more clothes than we actually need and forgetting to appreciate the people close to us or the sun shinning and birds singing. We want our children to strive, we want to be the best of everyone and we run towards God knows what, forgetting that happiness is in the small things.


My friend told me had a dream about me. A dream where I went and gave her a massive hug and said: “F… Corona! I missed you!” Sounds about right. I would so give her a massive hug and most probably start crying thinking just how much I have missed her and our coffee times together, the play dates trying to make our little ones sort out their differences without pushing them towards one way or another. I would give her little one a massive cuddle and tell her how much I love her and I would do it with my other friend and her baby boy who I also miss like crazy. I would hug my family and try not to let go until my tears would dry off from my face.


Another thing I took for granted and not for a second thought just how blessed I am to be able to just stop at anytime of the day and enjoy it is a takeaway coffee. I am obsessed and addicted to coffee so is no wonder that every time I went out with my daughter or I went to work, I had to grab a latte. No matter if I just sat down while my daughter scoffed a strawberry jam doughnut or I grabbed a quick coffee so it can help me function at work, I never smiled at it, happy I can have it. How I miss it now. I would just go out and stop at any coffee place without being fussy about the cups, the waiting or the paper straws.

Takeaway coffee while on isolation @alinabarac

On this note, I made a cup of coffee this morning, moved in the living room and sipped while writing this post. No, I haven’t used my daily mug. Instead, I drank my coffee from my travel mug because it’s a Tuesday and on regular basis I would be actually at work and yes, I did put makeup on as well just to feel a bit normal although I only move from the living room to the kitchen and back.


OMG! I so miss a walk in the park. Always been a fan of parks and the bad weather kept me away. Now, I look out the window, smile at the sun and think just how much I would enjoy to take my daughter in the park with the bicycle or scooter, stop by the playground a bit cursing just how busy it is, trying to take her away from there in the hope of finding a quiet spot to enjoy a coffee and a pastry. I miss walking in the park and just staring at the squirrels or counting the fish in the river while my little one is running around trying to catch the naughty squirrels and climb in the trees.

autumn in Watford @alinabarac

I even miss going shopping and swearing I have to carry so many things because, again, there were too many offers and I went overboard. Now, I am lucky to find the things I never thought this planet will run out of. Things like toilet paper, rice, flower, oil, basic laundry detergent and conditioner, baby wipes and even Nurofen. We take these for granted because we haven’t found ourselves in the situation of running out of options from so many companies. It never crossed our minds that basic shopping would become luxury, that we could consider ourselves lucky for having a green grocers close to home or for just finding a damn bag of flower at a corner shop for a price that nobody would actually pay on regular basis.


We take for granted the lives we live and the things and people we surround ourselves with. We take our jobs for granted and always run for something better not thinking for a second just how lucky we are to actually have a work place. I am not saying we should just settle with just about anything but maybe less moaning would make our day better and brighten someone else’s just as well.

We take for granted all places we can go any time of the day and they’ve been around us since forever. I mean, I go McDonald’s probably once a year but, oh, how I miss it now and how I’d love to stuff my face in a double cheeseburger and a portion of large fries. How I’d love to go cinema with a massive bag of popcorn, sitting on a reclining seat and enjoying just about any movie. I swear, I would be happy even with the occasional commentators that I normally hate.

We are creating a new normal and I am only hoping that we will come out of all this, just a bit better, kinder and able to appreciate life just a little bit more. We got sucked into social media and compete with each other trying to show a perfect life with perfect children and perfect houses, perfect plates of food and perfect places we visit. We forgot to notice what is real, what is tangible and what can be felt. We forgot to appreciate what we have. We take our health for granted and most don’t start taking care of themselves until it’s quite late, cursing the day we started smoking or the times we should have started exercising but postponed it in favor of takeaways and fatty foods that pile up the extra kilos on our bellies. We even take our kids for granted. We forget to just stop and enjoy them growing and learning. We ask of them to be well behaved when we lose our temper in front of them and shout; we ask them know things when we don’t actually take the time of day to explain it to them or teach them. We take them for granted instead of seeing them as real blessings. I beat myself up everyday thinking maybe I am not doing enough for my child, maybe I get a bit angry sometimes and I show her a side of me that she shouldn’t know. I get swallowed into daily activities and get upset over her toys being spread everywhere around the house when I should be grateful she can play on her own and develop her imagination.

We became little robots and forgot to feel and appreciate the life we have been given. We should feel blessed and we should learn again just how fragile things are. We should learn how to put our priorities straight and stop taking it all for granted.


  1. This is all very true. The virus itself is horrible, but it opened our eyes and the whole planet actually stopped and listened there for a second. It’s amazing how it happened. There will be so many studies on this topic in the future.


  2. Thanks for sharing with us. I feel that we sometimes and most of the times take things for granted. I myself have done that, now I’m sitting here saying coulda woulda shoulda, and I wish I could have done this and that. Thanks for reminding us to not take anything and anyone for granted because tomorrow isn’t promise.

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