For a week now we promised little one we’ll take her to the Museum. She only been to the National History Museum so far and it was always a success. Now we told her we will go to the Science Museum. It made her a bit confused and initially said she doesn’t like it there although she had no idea what to expect. But because this week we have everywhere bear, Ruby decided it will be a good idea to take him on a trip to London.

A train ride is always a fun adventure for her and this helps so much when travelling with her.


Once we got inside it all turned into such an excitement and she wanted to try everything, push all buttons, inspect all levers and learn what is what.

She sat quietly for few good minutes watching the story of communication and loved pretending to speak on the old phones

A massive success was the microscope looking for cells of the human body and I can say I was so proud as I always had a fascination towards genetics.

We pent so many hours inside the Museum and didn’t even realise when time literally flew. Oh, and speaking of flying. We loved seeing airplanes and helicopters from first designs to the war ships and air balloons, uniforms and just how everything evolved to our days.

All in all, a day worth spending out and absolutely recommending it to everyone travelling to London or anyone who wants a little adventure with toddlers.

Next time we want to book the science lab tour and so looking forward to it. I think that would be so much more exciting than anything she seen before.

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