I am sure all my readers would think I went off the rail a bit as they know I am way away from my first pregnancy. I mean, my daughter is already three and a half and I am sure at some point I did write a post about how my pregnancy went. However, this is not about MY journey from the moment I weed on a stick at work before starting my day. This is about ALL FIRST PREGNANCIES.

It is a review of an incredible book that would have definitely helped me so many times during the nine months I was waiting to meet my beautiful baby girl. We all know those emotions running high and low, the hormones playing tricks, the million questions going through our minds with light speed and let’s face it, the constant fear of things going wrong or you failing and not knowing what to do.

Finding out there is a life growing inside of you is one moment you will never forget. However, that moment comes with life changing experiences, with side effects (if I can call them like that), both physical and emotional. It also comes with the magic of milestones, discovering how your baby looks like with every week of your pregnancy, how the little one develops and becomes that incredible tiny human you cannot wait to hold.

This book is here to get you through all of it. To give you advice, to take away some of your worries, tell you what is normal during your pregnancy, what happens with you, what you should eat and what you shouldn’t, also your rights and responsibilities in your career, what you need to buy for the little one, your labour step by step, your birth plan and all things that might go the other way than what you have planned.

It also has a chapter regarding relationships and this I think is one vital chapter as things change from the moment you find out you are expecting. It touches aspects of life from all situations: from sex during pregnancy to going alone on this journey. I found myself not knowing how to communicate all I was going through, letting my partner guess it all and I can tell you it was no walk in the park.

Last but not least, the book touches also that first week after birth, those surreal moments when you don’t sleep, you just stare at your miracle not quite believing you created him/her. From the midwife visits to your emotions, how to look after your baby, what you should expect but also recovering after a C section in case you had one, it’s all here ready to help you. Also, one chapter I think I would have needed in those moments is the one related to postnatal depression and other mental health issues. I struggled alone not knowing what was going on with me and not knowing that there is a a name to that hell I went through and also there is help.

Written by a team of health care professionals, My First Pregnancy is here to guide you through all stages of your journey, holding your hand and giving you reassuring advice and essential information so you can have one positive and healthy pregnancy.

I have read many similar books throughout the years and also during my pregnancy, I have googled all symptoms and went through so many pages written by experts but I can tell you this book is an absolute miracle. It is written in so much detail that you will definitely not need anything else. It is that book that would have saved me from finding out weird diagnostics online scaring the life out of me just because I felt a different baby kick.

The final chapter is dedicated to useful contacts, every email address and phone number you might need throughout pregnancy and after.

DISCLAIMER: I have been offered this book by CRIMSON PUBLISHING in exchange of an honest review. These are my thoughts in regards with the book.

You can purchase it on Amazon both Kindle edition and paperback, Wordery and also Waterstones. I have read my copy and would offered it with all my heart to one mummy to be out there. Just email me or comment on this post.

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