It is the end of an era you all! With deep regret I have to announce that we are ditching the pushchair. It has been our friend for more than two years now and it served us through rain and snow, buses trains and long walks.

We have so many memories tied to this buggy but sadly we have to say bye bye.

We’ve been meaning to get rid of it for a while but honestly I could not get myself to do it specially as it’s so damn useful when you go shopping. It can hold loads and made my life so much easier.

However, lately it felt like he needs to go so the wheels are proper turning towards wherever they want and it is so frustrating as I look like a drunk mother pushing a buggy left or right when all I want is to go straight. It started to piss me off to the stage that yesterday I popped into Superdry and got myself a very lovely backpack to help me around when going out with Ruby.

Today we were supposed to go to a birthday party and my backpack was the best thing ever. It helped me carry a heavy present, foldable toilet seat, change of clothes for little one, wallet and all crap you need for a toddler. And wow, I didn’t get a back pain. Not to mention that we went in the train and also had a fifteen minute walk from the station to the soft play and not even once I stopped. My daughter was jolly jumping in muddy puddles and she did’t ask for the pushchair not once.

Since moving to Warford about three years ago, I can say that I got used to walking pretty much everywhere. I never used the bus in this area. It’s all within walking distance and what for others might seem like such a headache, for me was and still is a joy. Yes. it’s a bit annoying to walk twenty minutes in the morning to drop off my daughter and another fifteen to the station to catch my train to go work but it’s also a great exercise helping me to stay healthy and fit.

This buggy helped me get in time everywhere I went, avoiding traffic and also keeping my child comfortable while she slept, tired after a play session and warm in those freezing cold winter mornings. This buggy helped me carry insane amounts of shopping and it did an pretty good job carrying Ruby in trains all over London and surroundings.

It feels like the end of an era as I now have to admit that my daughter is growing up and not a baby anymore. I will have to keep my cool when she’ll get tired and want to be picked up. I will have to be patient knowing it will take me longer to get places. Not to mention, I will have to learn to walk straight again not being forced to haunch while pushing the stroller.

So, bye bye buggy! We loved you deeply and you were such an asset for our family. We have to part now.

Hello scooter! Hello bicycle! Make sure you won’t hurt my daughter.

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