I am sorry I don’t always read all the books you want me to read to you

I am sorry I don’t always play pretend with you

I am sorry I don’t always enjoy building Lego castles and playing play ground with your small toys

I am sorry sometimes I get angry

I am sorry sometimes I just snap at you like an idiot that I am

I am sorry I lose my patience after way too many games

I am sorry I sometimes say no when it comes to buying all the toys in the world and all the  magazines in every store we go

I am sorry sometimes I push you maybe too much into solving things and striving

I am sorry I sometimes take you grocery shopping when you actually want to spend hours in the park

I am sorry I sometimes just feel like hiding myself from the world and not take you places

I am sorry for every single moment I made you upset or disappointed you but do know that I love you more than I could ever imagine. Please do know that every night I watch you sleep and thank God you are mine

Know that your kisses and cuddles are the best in the world and they give me strength to carry on.

Please know my little girl that you are my miracle and I would never do anything to upset you. I know life is challenging but I also know that you are a winner. You are strong and fearless, you are the toughest little munchkin I have ever known and God, I am so proud you are mine.

I am sorry that sometimes I laugh at your frustrations (those moments when you try so hard to do things and struggle – like putting on a pair of trousers or fitting blocks together when building your legos) but you are so adorable and seeing you want to strive just fills my heart with joy.

Know that you can be whoever you want in this life and you can do whatever you love and I will stand by your side cheering you and supporting you. You can still be a firefighter when you grow up and I will be so proud. You can like girls like you finally say it now and I will just embrace your choices and love you more for being brave.

If you ever lack something in this life, I am sorry and please know that I am doing everything possible to offer you all. Know you are loved more than anything in the world, you are appreciated and valued.


I love you three thousand

PS: You might be the cutest little girl ever but you still not getting ice lollies for breakfast

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