I didn’t come up with this title. It’s the book I received and read and want to share with you. It is written by Ash Perrin and it opened my eyes on lots of actions and consequences of my parenting.

He is the founder ofΒ The Flying Seagull ProjectΒ a troupe of entertainers and musicians who for over a decade have travelled to 23 countries touching the lives of 115K children in orphanages, refugee camps and hospitals and
says we are living in a world in danger of forgetting the importance of play. Grown-ups and children alike.

I know you might think you don’t need anyone to tell you how to play with your children and that you don’t have time to read a book about it. But trust me: YOU DO.

I am on the floor with my daughter playing pretend, being silly, letting her ride on my back imagining I am a horse and she is in the wild west, peek-a-boo and any game you can imagine but sometimes I find myself postponing play time hoping she will forget about it and give me some time to breath. Maybe I am too tired after a full day of work, I am not feeling well or just not in the mood. It happens to all of us but I never actually thought of the outcome and just done. Well, this reschedule of fun time can actually make your child not trust you in the future. Be mindful of the words you use and never promise without delivering. A child can sense these things.

Whatever they said, whatever they did – there’s no such thing as a bad kid

And you might think I am crazy now. I found myself often in challenging situations and conflict with my little treenager and I made huge efforts in being positive and calm but sometimes you are good until you are not good anymore. Today was one of these days and I lost it. I got angry and I ignored her winging at some point hoping she’ll just stop. I never once thought that maybe she wants to communicate with me but she can’t find the right words. I only noticed my frustration instead of paying attention to the signs. It’s not selfishness but reading the chapter on “Meet challenge with positivity” gave me a different perspective and showed me how I could have avoided my anger and her grumpiness.

“The real play revolution – why play matters” is one of those books you can always come to when in need of super ideas and crazy silly funny games. It’s that read that reminds you you need laughter and games as an adult just as much as a child.

Play is not about time management; play is the language of childhood – and if we wish to support children on their path to adulthood, enabling them to explore every facet of their personalities, we must learn to speak the language fluently

Every child is an amazing human being and it is our duty as parents to show them just how powerful, smart, beautiful and kind they are. It is our responsibility to teach them how to grow up kind, creative and ambitious, trusting themselves and knowing they are worthy and what better way than through laughter and play?

DISCLAIMER: I have received this book in exchange for my honest opinion. I am not affiliated with THE FLYING SEAGULL PROJECT and I am not promoting anything. This post represents my thoughts on the matter

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