I used to shop just about anywhere (Mothercare, Next, Mamas and Papas, H&M and even Primark) as long as I liked clothes and they felt comfortable for my little one.

As she turned three and we don’t wear nappies anymore things have changed, not to mention stores as well. Mothercare and Mamas and Papas don’t store clothes for over three year olds. H&M doesn’t seem to make anything to my liking lately and sometimes Next seems a bit overpriced (although I never say no to frilly dresses, PJs and leggings). I think I find myself buying certain items from only one place as I find the quality better than in another place and so on. For example I only buy PJs from Next or M&S; underwear from Next (they do have the size a bit bigger as well not only good quality) or M&S and sometimes John Lewis and as for the rest I have to say that Zara is my go to for the toddler fashion items. And if they have a sale, even better. That makes me one happy mama.

Here are some of the cutest things I found for this season

The outfits above are all from Next and I got them throughout the year. I love the fabric and also the way they fit my daughter, not to mention that the sizing they do is a bit bigger than most stores and that means she can actually wear for longer.

All tops I got from Zara and I swear by the plain vests and tees. They are proper soft and they can be worn with shorts, leggings or jeans but they can also be worn underneath a long sleeve top during the colder season. The heart top is absolutely adorable and she worn it with a tutu skirt the other day. The watermelon top I seen on another toddler on Instagram and decided on getting it as it’s proper fashionable and also soft and looking good on my daughter. The top with the dog face is one of my favourites so far. I like the cherry one as well but it’s not as soft.

Trousers are all from Zara as well and they fit proper nice. Can’t wait for the dungarees as I just ordered them.

Most dresses I got this summer are either Next or Zara as well. I am so happy and grateful for this hot weather in UK as I can give my little one cute dresses that are not only comfortable but perfect for her skin as well. She sweats a lot and gets dry patches all over her skin from heat so I can swear by these ones. They let her skin breath and he loves wearing them admiring herself in the mirror all day long.

I normally go for plimsolls myself and I love these summery ice cream and pink bunny ones but I can tell you those Adidas trainers are to die for as well. So soft, easy to put on and light so she can run as much as she wants. I opted for the holiday sandals as we are soon going by the sea and I thought they would be perfect for beach times. The top plimsolls are in the post so waiting for them. Hope they will be as comfortable as I am expecting them to be.

I will stop here as if I don’t I am sure I will just make my daughter model the entire wardrobe and it’s actually bath time for her.

Hope you enjoyed our little fashion presentation. This is not an advert to any of the companies I mentioned in this post but simply my own opinion on toddler girl clothes. For my new readers, my daughter is three years old now.

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